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The Executioner guardian is a type of demon encountered in Ōkami. It belongs to the Guardians category of Fallen Demons.


The Executioner guardian is first encountered at North Ryoshima Coast, in a Demon Scroll in the area. The Executioner guardian is a headless Jizō statue, like all other demons of the Guardian category. However, this demon is different from its ilk, for the stone it is carved from has a golden sheen instead of a dull gray color. The Executioner guardian is dressed in a Buddhist robe, with a black hood on the stub of its headless neck. On its back is a stone carving of a large fire or an aura, with a rectangular base. The Executioner guardian also wields a staff that has the face of a Buddha on its end.


The Executioner guardian often disguises as an ordinary statue to fool people who unfortunately come across it. Only when people have come close that it will strike.[1]

Bestiary entryEdit

  1. "More deadly than most of its ilk, this demon fools people into
    thinking it is an ordinary statue before striking. It uses stone
    heads like a shield and is prone to turning them into projectiles.
    Its demonic power is so great that it must be exorcised twice."


An Executioner guardian is surrounded by floating stone heads, which will fire laser at Amaterasu; it will also protect itself with those heads. It is advised to Power Slash the floating heads so that it will be left defenseless and therefore easy to farm and kill. However, make sure that Amaterasu stays clear of the head when she Power Slash them, as the heads explode when they are destroyed. After clearing the heads, the demon will be stunned, so use this chance to farm it by using Golden Fury and the Thief's Glove on it (the hidden strike glitch is advised). Then usually the demon will attempt to kick Amaterasu. Execute a Sub-Reflector counterattack to quickly parry the attack and kill it. If the Executioner guardian does not use the kick but instead jumps away, then scribble over it with the Celestial Brush, which prompts it to flail its arms in a blind attack, then execute a Sub-Reflector Counterattack to kill it. When the demon is killed, use Cherry Bomb as its Floral Finisher.


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