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Emperor Takara
(The Emperor)
Gender Male
Race Human
Location Imperial Palace
Appearances Ōkami
I'm collecting Demon Fangs, you know. If you have any for me, you can take some of my treasure. People will probably say I'm foolish giving treasure to a wolf. But you're my lucky wolf!


Emperor Takara (「宝帝」?; Takara no Mikado; Emperor Takara[1]) is an aristocrat and former ruler of Sei'an City. Part of his full title, as stated in his name in the original Japanese version of Ōkami above, is Takara (「宝」?; lit. "valuables, wealth"[2]).


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  • It is not particularly clear how the same city would have an Emperor and a Queen at the same time. The Official Complete Works states that the Emperor used to govern Sei'an, so it is possible he graduated to governing the whole of Nippon, or abdicated with his title simply a ceremonial one retained out of respect. Given he never expresses any concern with Himiko, he does not seem to be particularly close to her. However, this does not match up with Himiko claiming that her family have governed Sei'an for many generations: about the only way to rationalize these two claims would be to say that Emperor Takara is Emperor of Nippon and directly governed Sei'an for a period when Himiko was too young to do so herself.
  • Emperor Takara is one of the very few characters in the entire Ōkami series to have their names in the original Japanese versions written not in katakana, but entirely kanji. Naturally, this signifies that Emperor Takara bears a strong cultural relevance and importance.