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Eighth Wonder
Eighth Wonder
Amaterasu equipped with Eighth Wonder.
Appearances Ōkami
Type Glaive
Use Slashing strikes (Main)
Slashing uppercut (Sub)
Source Gengo (Ponc'tan)
Merchant (Kamiki Village, 100 years ago)
Found Ponc'tan
Kamiki Village (100 years ago)
Cost to buy ¥200,000
Cost to sell N/A
Glaive wielded by eight-armed beast god. Grants ink bullet power.

—in-game description

Eighth Wonder

(「八握剣」?; Yatsuka no Tsurugi; lit. "Sword that spans eight grips"[1][2][3]) is the fourth Divine Instrument of the Glaive class Amaterasu obtains. It is the second most powerful Glaive, only surpassed by Thunder Edge. It has the powerful slashing strike of the Glaive class of Divine Instrument, and also grants Amaterasu the ability of Ink Bullet when equipped.


Eighth Wonder can be bought for ¥200,000 from the merchant Gengo in Ponc'tan or the merchant at Kamiki Village in the past.


  • The original Japanese name for Eighth Wonder is an indicator of the sword's length. This is reputably one of the ten divine gifts given to Emperor Jinmu from the Sun Goddess Amaterasu before his eastern campaign[Citation needed].
Eighth Wonderingame

Eighth Wonder equipped by Amaterasu in Ōkami

  • Eighth Wonder is the second most expensive buyable Divine Instrument in Ōkami, with the most expensive being the Tundra Beads.