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Earth Nose
Appearances Ōkami
First encountered North Ryoshima Coast
Attack method Wind rush
Wind aerial drop
Wind horizontal spin
Weapon(s) Wind
Floral Finisher Veil of Mist
The Earth Nose (「天狗輪入道」?; Tengu Wanyūdō) is a type of demon encountered in Ōkami. It belongs to the Wheeled Destruction category of demons.


The Earth Nose is first encountered at North Ryoshima Coast, immediately after Waka departs from a conversation specifically with Issun. The Earth Nose has the usual depiction of an oxcart wheel with a human's sensing organ on it, this case being a Tengu-like nose. It also has smaller noses on the rim of the oxcart wheel. The wheel also has four slender spokes, instead of the usual oxcart wheel spokes of the Fire Eye and Ice Mouth or the thunderbolt spokes of the Thunder Ear.


This demon was originally a Tengu who could control wind (much like a typical Tengu, specifically the in-game demon)[1]. Even after death and reincarnated as a lowly evil spirit, its pride and self centered arrogance still finds it enjoying wrecking havoc with its powers over the wind. Only the control of time will allow one to end its terror.

Bestiary entry

  1. "This demon uses intense winds to blow down people and houses alike.
    Originally, it was a Tengu who could bend the winds to his will.
    Wind cannot counter wind.
    It is said that only by manipulating the flow of time itself
    can one defeat this fearsome and windy evil."


As an Earth Nose emerges, immediately struck it once to prompt it to attack Amaterasu after a brief moment; use this time window to gain some distance from the demon, because most of the time, it will use a spinning attack that cannot be defended against at close. As the demon attacks, execute a Sub-Reflector counterattack to fatally damage it to the verge of death. Note that even though the Earth Nose is notorious for its attack speed, the attacks it use when provoked are only of normal speed. After the pile-driver, the Earth Nose will be stunned, an opportunity for Amaterasu to use Golden Fury and Brown Rage to farm it. Deal a final strike to the demon to kill it, whether with a Divine Instrument or the Thief's Glove, then use Power Slash as the Floral Finisher. This provocative strategy is superior to others, because not only does it allow full farming to be possible, it also cancels out the unpredictability of an Earth Nose's attacks.


  • The Earth Nose obviously has nothing do to with earth, and should be the Wind Nose: a Tengu is often affiliated with its abilities over wind (stated in its Japanese name, 天狗輪入道, "Tengu Wanyūdō" and its Bestiary entry), though they are also spirits of mountains and forests. Precisely why the name was changed in the translation is not clear (particularly when the Wind Doom Mirror was not), though the result does sound like a good name for a rock band.
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