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Divine Retribution
Divine retribution
Amaterasu with Divine Retribution equipped.
Appearances Ōkami
Type Reflector
Attacks Lashing attacks (main)
Sub-Reflector Counterattack (sub; Ōkami only)
Source Given by Sakuya (Ōkami)
Found Kamiki Village (Ōkami; base of Konohana, during prologue)
Cost to buy N/A
Reflector received from Sakuya. Banishes evil with divine power.

Ōkami's description

Divine Retribution (「真経津鏡」?; Mafutsu no Kagami) is the first Divine Instrument Amaterasu receives in her quest. It is a green disk with flames emitting from it. When equipped as a main Divine Instrument, it has the basic triple-hit lashing attack (amount of lashes increased upon learning 4 Winds and 5 Winds). As a secondary weapon, it executes the Sub-Reflector Counterattack for defense.


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  • This is the weapon Amaterasu is seen with in almost all cutscenes in Ōkami. However, Amaterasu's strongest Reflector, Solar Flare, is shown in most cutscenes after its acquisition.
  • The Divine Retribution is the only Divine Instrument neither obtained from bosses' defeats nor bought, but instead granted by a character, Sakuya.
  • Fitting for Amaterasu and Chibiterasu's statuses as sun gods, Divine Retribution resembles the sun.

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