The digging minigames happen occasionally throughout Ōkami's storyline, two of which are optional. When completed, it will allow Amaterasu to: Proceed with the story, receive a special item, or gain another brush technique. The objective of the minigame is to get the digging partner to the bottom of the level, while protecting them from danger. Once they have reached the bottom, they will signal Amaterasu to dig in that spot, which completes the game. There is also a time limit to which Amaterasu must complete the game.



The first digging minigame takes place in Sasa Sanctuary when Amaterasu first goes to the bathhouse out back. A sparrow is trying to bring the hot springwater back because it went dry when Orochi cursed the land. Mr. Bamboo appears, due to the fact Sasa Sanctuary is now open, and decides to help Amaterasu. He introduces the game to her, telling her the basics.

Another game is in Taka Pass, but Galestorm is needed to access the game. Amaterasu must first have that technique and then locate a treasure hunter named Bingo. He will tell her that he senses a treasure nearby, which is a hole under a pile of leaves. After blowing the leaves away with Galestorm, he asks for her help to find the treasure.

The third game is in Sei'an City when it is plagued by the poison fog. Amaterasu must search through the dried up canal and find a carpenter named Naguri. He will inform her of the situation in the city and the reason why Lake Beewa, the lake that the city is built on, has dried up. He then considers asking her for help, being that wolves are good at digging, and they set out to restore the water.

The fourth game is, once again, in Sasa Sanctuary, after defeating Blight and cleansing the air of the fog. Kaguya has gone to Sasa Sanctuary to figure out where she came from. There, she finds Mr. Bamboo and tells him of her quest. She then creates a hole in the ground and jumps in to find what has been drawing her there. Amaterasu jumps in after her.

The fifth, and last, game is in the Dragon Palace. There are two hallways there, one that leads to the Water Dragon's garden, and another that leads to a Mermaid spring. Unfortunately, the spring has dried up and covered with a tough rock. Amaterasu must first learn the Digging Champ ability to start the game. After digging through the rock, the lead dancer will notice that Amaterasu is trying to help. She will then join up with her to find the water source of the spring.


The first game is rather simple, and the easiest. After helping Mr. Bamboo find the source of the hot spring water, water will fill up the spring. The sparrow thanks both Amaterasu and Mr. Bamboo and grants them freedom of using the hot spring whenever they want, much to Amaterasu's dislike. Shortly afterward, a constellation appears, which turns out to be Nuregami, the goddess of water. She then grants Amaterasu the power of Waterspout.

With Bingo's treasure hunt, it is rather unique. Instead of getting him to the bottom, Amaterasu must help him get all the way to the right of the level, horizontally, for the treasure is buried at the bottom right. Be extremely careful not to get him stuck at the bottom level when you are not close enough to the end. The reward for finding the treasure is receiving the treasure, which is a Sun Fragment.

The completion of the third game brings water back to Sei'an City. This allows Amaterasu to proceed with her journey. In the next area of Sei'an, there is a bridge that is inaccessible until Amaterasu restores the water, gives Benkei a fishing rod, and helps him catch the Cutlass Fish.

After aiding Kaguya with her quest, a rocket appears out of the ground. Kaguya, after saying her goodbyes to Mr. Bamboo and Amaterasu, boards the rocket and flies away to the moon. Before she departs, she gives Amaterasu the Fire Tablet, a Holy Artifact that grants her the ability to swim through lava. This is needed to see Queen Himiko, the ruler of Sei'an City.

The last game, like Bingo's Treasure Hunt, is unique as well. Amaterasu starts off at the bottom and must work her way to the top to join the Dancer, and then guide the Dancer to the bottom. After restoring the Mermaid spring's water, Amaterasu must then draw a swirling line in the middle when the dancers are running around it. Nuregami appears and grants Amaterasu another Waterspout ability, which is called Fountain. This power allows her to use Mermaid Springs for free, without using a Mermaid Coin.

It should be known that the most helpful Celestial Brush techniques needed for completing all the minigames is Cherry Bomb, Power Slash, Bloom, Waterspout, and Galestorm.

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