Holy Rosary capable of rapid attacks when equipped as a sub weapon.

in-game description
The Devout Beads (「足玉」?; Tarutama) are the first Divine Instrument of the Rosary class acquired by Amaterasu. When equipped as a main Divine Instrument, it performs the basic rapid multi-hit whip-like lashing attack of Rosaries (amount of lashes increased when learning Spirit Storm and Spirit Armageddon as well as lethality). As a sub Rosaries, the Devout Beads utilizes a rapid-firing ability, releasing only a single bead at a time, but at a devastatingly fast rate.


Devout Beadsingame

Devout Beads equipped by Amaterasu in Ōkami

The Devout Beads appear in a treasure chest at the foot of the Guardian Sapling in Agata Forest once Amaterasu has used Bloom to restore it.

In Ōkamiden, the Devout Beads is found on Gojo Bridge at the Aristocratic Quarter of Sei'an City.



  • In the Ōkami Official Complete Works, it is said that the Devout Beads when equipped as a Sub-Rosaries will grant Ink Bullet.[1] However, this is untrue.
  • The Devout Beads in Ōkami being given to Amaterasu after she rejuvenates Agata Forest is a sign of devotion of nature towards the gods, fulfilling the meaning of "devout".

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    A Rosary overflowing with supernatural power. Grants Ink Bullet power when set as the sub-weapon.
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