Devil Gate

A Devil Gate in Shinshu Field

}Devil gates, or Demon gates (「羅城門」?; rashōmon; demon castle gate) as they are sometimes called, are demons' strongholds[citation needed] that look like ruined arches surrounded by foxfire with a sinister glow. Similar to Demon Scrolls, Devil gates are also color coded, however, they vary in appearance. All Devil gates are immobile and when they are defeated, they disappear forever. Amaterasu is also unable to escape from any Devil gate battles. The demons in a Devil gate are always stronger than those encountered in in Demon Scrolls and appear in a higher quantity.

The reward for defeating a Devil gate is very large. Not only is increased Yen obtained from defeating the demons, the whole landscape around the Devil gate is transformed. The surrounding area is purified and new things like plants, animals, treasures and water sources appear. Large changes, such as Mermaid springs and even the Nameless Man's kiln appearing, can also happen.

Similar to the Devil gates are the Devil gate trial caves. However, these are much more difficult and are more like mini-dungeons as ten consecutive waves of demons must be fought against without leaving the cave in-between. However, when each round is completed properly, the total prize received when stacked together is extremely large and worth the effort. Even if done improperly, the prizes are still great.


  • A Devil gate always spawns the same species of demons that appear in the Demon Scrolls in the area the Devil gate is in. However, as mentioned above, the demons are much stronger.
  • In Japanese, Devil gates are named 「羅城門」(「らじょうもん・らしょうもん」?; Rajōmon/Rashōmon), the fights taken place in the Devil gates are called 「百鬼夜行」(「ひゃっきやぎょう」?; Hyakki Yagyō; Night Parade of a Hundred Demons), the famous phenomenon seen in Japanese folklore. The gate of Rajōmon is referred as a location where ogres and demons hide and wait for victims.
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