If you look closely, Demon Fangs seem to differ slightly. I'd like to collect each and every one of them if I could!


Demon Fangs (「妖怪牙」?; yōkai-kiba; fang of yōkai) are special objects that can be forced out of demons. Obtaining Demon Fangs requires Floral Finishers, which requires a special Celestial Brush technique or attack depending on the demon being fought. Once a demon's health has been depleted, time warps as they slowly float into the air and back to the ground before turning into a patch of flora. If the correct Celestial Brush technique is used during this moment, the demon will drop a Demon Fang. This is what is known as a Floral Finisher. Demon Fangs can also be obtained by equipping a Reflector weapon to the secondary weapon slot and blocking an attack, which will execute the Sub-Reflector Counterattack that will drop a Demon Fang. The Dōjō techniques Golden Fury and Brown Rage produce Demon Fangs when used on demons. Some demons drop more than one Demon Fang when defeated correctly. Demon Fangs' only apparent use is trading to certain characters for items, including useful Items. One of these characters is the Emperor, who Amaterasu must defeat Blight before being able to trade with.

In Ōkamiden, the Demon Fangs have been replaced with other Demon parts. They are Demon Bones, Skins, and Livers.


  • On the load screens, there are two hidden mini games that reward the player with demon fangs. This is only possible on the PlayStation 2 and Steam versions of Ōkami, as they were removed in the Wii and PS3 versions due to the decreased loading times. In the PC version, they are off by default but can be switch on in the options menu. If they are on, there is an option to skip them if the area finishes loading before a set time: the player will always get three attempts at the rhythm pawprint game if they do not skip. The minimum length of time for the 50 pawprint game, however, is rather too short to get anything out of it, and so this loading game is unwinnable if the game is installed to a fast hard drive.
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