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Death Boulder
Appearances Ōkamiden
First encountered Cave of Nagi
Attack method Rolling
Weapon(s) Body
Floral Finisher N/A
The Death Boulder (「殺生石」?; Sesshō seki) is a minor demon encountered in Ōkamiden. A member of the Boulders category of demons, it is the neutral variant of the group, alongside its fire, ice and lightning counterparts.


The Death Boulder is first seen near the entrance of the Cave of Nagi, where Kuni remarks that he has not seen them before in the cave. The demon is a round stone sphere with a single, red-irised eye. It will only awaken and attack if something gets close within its proximity, and will emit a rumbling sound as it stirs before waking.


The Death Boulder was once a normal boulder, but it became possessed by a demon. It attacks due to its jealousy towards those who can walk.[1]

Bestiary entry

  1. A normal boulder until it was possessed by evil and became a demon minion.
    Its movements are choppy and erratic at best.
    Jealous of those who can walk without impediment, it will attack on sight.


Due to its place as an non-battle demon, the Death Boulder is easy to defeat. A single hit from any Divine Instruments will kill it. It could also be killed with any offensive Celestial Brush techniques, and it drops Ink Pots and Rice Balls upon death.
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