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Death Beast
Appearances Ōkamiden
First encountered Shinshu Field (100 years ago)
Attack method Elemental hooves stampede
Elemental charge
Elemental air raid
Elemental change
Weapon(s) Fire
Floral Finisher Waterspout/Deluge (fire)
Inferno/Fireburst (ice)
Galestorm/Whirlwind (lightning)
The Death Beast (「神獣」?; Shinjū; lit. Godly beast) is a type of demon encountered in Ōkamiden. It is the multi-element variant of the Beast demon steeds.


The Death Beast is first encountered at Shinshu Field, at the base of the ramp leading to the Moon Cave. Like all other Beast demon steeds, the Death Beast is a dragon horse-like creature, only that it is a skeletal one with a dark aura surrounding its body. This aura will change when the demon changes its element to fire, ice or lightning.


The Death Beast is the demon who is responsible for the retribution on mankind, and is also the carrier of death, as it casts the eternal shadow of demise with its elements[2].

Bestiary entry


"This beast appears to punish mortals and spread death.
It can wield all the elements as it deals out eternal fate."


Immediately when a Death Beast emerges, quickly approach it while equipping either the Glaive or Providence Crystal as the attacking Divine Instrument. The Death Beast can assume a random element in fire, ice and lightning, and the assumed element will be revealed after the demon neighs. As soon as the element is revealed, use a countering Celestial Brush technique to nullify the element, but Secret Celestial Brush techniques are more recommended. Galestorm and Whirlwind counter lightning. Waterspout and Deluge counter fire while Inferno and Fireburst counter ice. After the element is nullified, assault the Death Beast until its death. With the Providence Crystal, then keep on using the countering crystal element on the demon. When it dies, use the corresponding countering brushstroke above as the demon's Floral Finisher, depending on its element upon death.


  • Despite the horse demons are considered to be Sacred beasts(「霊獣」?; Reijū), they are antagonists in this series. Additionally, Shinjū originally refers to Divine beasts. In the series, this may or may not correspond with Death Beast's background and natures on Bestiary entry.
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