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Cursed Trees , also known as Demon Trees, are found exclusively in Ōkami. They are demonic and possessed trees found all over Nippon.


Cursed Trees are first encountered in Hana Valley. They attack by either hurling projectiles at Amaterasu from afar or hitting her with their branches if she gets too close. They are usually found abundantly in heavily forested or uninhabited areas, but although they are hostile, they are also completely immobile. A Cursed Tree is in the shape of a medium-sized apple tree, dead and blackened. Atop the tree, several branches merge together into one larger branch for holding and hurling Cursed Fruits, as well as slamming these projectiles at close range. Surrounding the tree are onibi of a purplish-brown color, either floating around the Cursed Tree or resting on its branches, being its "leaves".


There are two methods to fighting these trees: Power Slashing their projectiles, or spawning a tree beneath them by placing a dot on the grass once Bloom is learned. Both methods will stun the tree, allowing Amaterasu to then Bloom them. This will turn them into a regular apple tree and Amaterasu will get Food and Praise for doing so. Amaterasu can simply just run past them if she does not wish to do this. After being turned back into a normal tree, that tree will not become cursed again in the same playthrough. This can be advantageous in some areas with many Cursed Trees, such as in Yoshpet. However, starting a New Game+ in that save file will revert the trees back to Cursed Trees.


  • If the restored apple tree is cut with Power Slash, it will remain a stump for the remainder of the playthrough and will not grow back until a New Game+ reverts it into a Cursed Tree again.
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