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The Crow Tengu is a type of demon encountered in Ōkami. It belongs to the Flying Demons category.


The Crow Tengu is first encountered after the true form of Mr. and Mrs. Cutter is revealed by dragging the female demon into the moonlight, which had been pouring down through the hole on their roof.

The Crow Tengu wears the typical Japanese swordsman outfit. It has a white shirt with tattered long sleeves, a black hakama, dried rice in the small cloth bags which it wore around its neck, and obviously, a katana. It also has two paper fans on its back, enabling it the ability of flight.


The Crow Tengu is said to be the spirit of a dead samurai, possessing a crow. The resulting creature is often seen to carry fans. Its mastery and artistry of swordplay can rival that of a master samurai. It, however, has a great sense of honor, and will be left in disgrace if it encounters adversaries with greater swordsmanship than its own.[1]

Bestiary entry[]

  1. "A creature comprised of the soul of a dead swordsman and a crow,
    this enemy strikes with the skill and artistry of a master samurai.
    They are often depicted as carrying fans.
    Cut down the thrown fans and be even quicker on the draw than them.
    Swordsmanship better than their own makes them leave in disgrace.
    Tales speak of swordsmen cutting through their sword defense."

One of my early designs, this demon serves the Great Tengu. The image on their fans was designed by Kamiya, and when faced with such a design, one realizes that the simple ability to draw well is not what makes a good designer. I was both grateful and humbled by Kamiya's submission.

Sawaki, Ōkami Official Complete Works


Crow Tengu will fly around and throw fans at Amaterasu. Power Slash them to the ground to reduce their mobility. Using Galestorm can achieve the same result. On the ground, they will use their swords to attack her or to block her own attacks, sometimes preceding a charge by hurling a skull into the air. Power Slashing the skull in mid-air or their sword in mid-block will make them temporarily defenseless. Alternatively, when they have just fell down from the air, use Golden Fury and (later in the game) Thief's Glove to farm them without destroying their defense. Golden Fury will make them raise their katana in defense, then they will proceed to launch a counterattack. As they throw a skull prior to the counterattack, use a Sub-Reflector to execute a Sub-Reflector Counterattack, as they attack right after throwing the skull. The counterattack will immediately kill them.