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Crescent is one of the thirteen Celestial Brush techniques in Ōkami. It is the trademark skill of Yumigami, the goddess of the moon. Crescent is the exact opposite of Sunrise, Amaterasu and Chibiterasu's trademark brush skill. When used, the crescent moon is revealed and change day into night. If it is already nighttime, Crescent will start the evening over again following the sunset.

Crescent can be used to access certain events, which only occur at night, quickly without having to wait for night to occur naturally, such as side-quests, such as the Hayazo sidequest.

To use Crescent, draw an arc in the sky in the shape of a backward "C".



Crescent 2

Crescent's scroll image.

Some time before the events of Ōkami, a large catfish known as Whopper swallowed the reflection of the moon in Agata Forest, taking Yumigami with it.



Crescent in action.

After helping Kokari to catch the legendary catfish Whopper, Yumigami appeared before Amaterasu and taught her the Crescent technique.

Amaterasu is required to use this technique twice in her adventure. The first is during the battle with Orochi. When Susano asked the gods to lend him the power to destroy the demon, Amaterasu used crescent to grant the strength to do so. The light from the moon gave his sword incredible power that allowed him to destroy the demon. Amaterasu used it in an almost identical situation when she traveled through the Spirit Gate. This time she used Crescent to empower Nagi's blade, Tsukuyomi, and gave him the power to slay Orochi.


  • The power is named after the crescent shape the moon takes on at the beginning and end of each lunar phase.
  • If Amaterasu uses Crescent in the final battle with Yami, a giant spiritual apparition of Susano will appear and slash Yami, splitting him in half and leaving his core open for attack.
  • When Crescent is used, the kanji for evening appears.
  • Nighttime in Ōkami lasts roughly up to 2 minutes and 30 seconds in real time, which can be measured using Gen's clock tower. Using Crescent at any point during the night will reset the time it takes to transition to day back to 2:30, beginning at the moment the kanji on the moon fades out.

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