Jiro saburo
Crabs are rare demon encountered in Ōkami. There are two of them, Jiro and Saburo, and they can merge to create the shark enemy Ichiro. They are first encountered in a compulsory battle in the Sunken Ship. During this battle they are in water which allows them to transform into Ichiro however in other battles they are on land but can flood the arena to transform. Their Floral Finisher is Thunderstorm.


Jiro is the male of this pair. He is green and his shell is a shark's head thus making him Ichiro's head. He is also the main attacker of the pair. He spits urchins which will hurt Amaterasu and stick to the ground to hurt her later. He can avoid damage with his shell but if Amaterasu keeps hitting it it will eventually break and leave him defenseless. However he is exceptionally weak to Thunderstorm and this will damage him straight away.


Saburo is the female half of this dastardly couple. She is red and her shell resembles a shark's tail thus making her the tail of Ichiro. Saburo will not attack much, instead she is the one that digs holes in the arena so that it will flood and allow them to transform into Ichiro. She will sometimes attack by spinning around and using her tail shell as a blade. She is immune to most attacks except when she is digging however like Jiro her shell can be broken and she is weak to Thunderstorm. Amaterasu should use the time when she is digging to break her shell and stop her flooding the arena.


While not actually a crab, Ichiro is the combination of Jiro and Saburo. Ichiro first appears in a compulsory battle in the Sunken Ship where he appears straight away due to the ship's flooding. In order for him to be created Saburo needs to dig the arena to make it flood. He is the only enemy to be fought in water and his Floral Finisher is Thunderstorm.
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