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Const restore

Yomigami's constellation, during restoration.

Yomigami observation

Amaterasu observing Yomigami's constellation.

In order to regain their powers, Amaterasu and Chibiterasu must seek out the Celestial Brush gods to restore the balance of nature to the land of Nippon. The Brush gods have hidden themselves in constellations with any number of stars missing.

Summoning the godsEdit


Michigami's constellation.

In Ōkami constellations are usually found upon completing a certain task. Once the task has been completed Amaterasu with see a light shining down from the sky. Upon looking at the light, a set of large stars will appear and an image showing the shape of a Brush God will appear. The basic shape is made up of a group of stars but there will be some missing. The Brush Gods can be summoned by using the Celestial Brush to draw the missing stars.

In Ōkamiden the constellations seem to be located in the sky above a statue of their respective Brush God. Upon barking at the statue the constellation will appear in the sky. Chibiterasu must then draw the outline of the constellation.



Image God Location
Yomi stars Yomigami River of the Heavens
Tachi star Tachigami Cave of Nagi
Saki star Sakigami Hana Valley
Hasu star Hasugami Kamiki Village
Tsuta star Tsutagami Tsuta Ruins
Baku star Bakugami Shinshu Field
Nure star Nuregami Sasa Sanctuary
Yumi star Yumigami Agata Forest
Kaze star Kazegami Kusa Village
Moe star Moegami Moon Cave
Kasu star Kasugami Imperial Palace
Kabe star Kabegami Catcall Tower
Geki star Gekigami Oni Island
NineConst Ninetails Oni Island
Ite star Itegami Wawku Shrine


Below is an incomplete list of the constellations in Ōkamiden.

Image God Location
YomiConstellation Yomigami and the young Yomigami. Kamiki Village
TachiConstellation Tachigami and the young Tachigami. Cave of Nagi
MichiConstellation Michigami and the young Michigami. River of the Heavens
SakiConstellation Sakigami and the young Sakigami. Hana Valley
BakuConstellation Bakugami and the young Bakugami. Yakushi Village
NureConstellation Nuregami and the young Nuregami. Five-Story Pagoda
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