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Clay Shogun
Clay shogun
Appearances Ōkami
First encountered Shinshu Field (100 years ago)
Attack method Laser firing heads
Head explosions
Vertical slap
Weapon(s) Laser firing heads
Floral Finisher Veil of Mist
The Clay Shogun (「埴輪将軍」?; Haniwa Shōgun) is a type of demon encountered in Ōkami. It belongs to the Clay Army category of demons.


The Clay Shogun is first encountered at Shinshu Field (100 years ago) during Amaterasu's trip beyond the Spirit Gate. The Clay Shogun is a dark brown clay figure, with arcane Moon Tribe-like lines running around its body, only that the lines are of a gray-white color instead of pulsing neon blue. The Clay Shogun also wears a samurai helmet and shoulder guards, and it always carry around a small wooden drum for commanding its floating skulls.


During life, the Clay Shogun was a powerful shogun who was the best warrior in Nippon. However, he was defeated by Orochi and his spirit was manipulated and resides within a clay figure. His diginity, enraged and regretted at his defeat, is forever under the control of darkness[1].

Bestiary entry

  1. "A legendary shogun proved himself to be the best warrior in the land.
    His spirit, manipulated by Orochi, now resides in this clay figure,
    his mighty diginity forever relegated to the shadows.
    He is trapped and still full of anger and regret at his defeat.
    Exorcise the heads quickly to put him out of his misery."


The Clay Shogun is not very hard to dispatch. As soon as it emerges, immediately use Power Slash to destroy its floating, laser-firing heads, staying clear of the heads' explosions. After all of them are demolished, the Clay Shogun will be left stunned. Snatch this chance to farm it, first by using Golden Fury and Brown Rage, then the Thief's Glove. Then, after these farming procedures, the Clay Shogun may attack Amaterasu by attempting to kick her. Again, snatch this chance and execute a Sub-Reflector Counterattack for a Demon Fang, leaving the demon severely injured. If it doesn't kick her, but jumps away instead, then use the Celestial Brush to scribble over it, causing it to flail its arms in a blind attack. Take this chance to execute a Sub-Reflector Counterattack. After the pile-driver, the Clay Shogun would be on the verge of death, so deliver a final blow and use Veil of Mist as its Floral Finisher for 5 Demon Fangs.


  • Shogun is the name of the samurai dictators who ruled Japan from 1192 to 1867.
  • The Clay Shogun and other demons of the Clay Army category are based on the Haniwa, terracotta figures during the Kofun period (c.a 3rd-6th century A.D) of Japanese history.
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