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City Checkpoint 5A2E (1)
Type Connecting point
Enemies Imps
Items Various treasures and items
Stray bead ×5
Appearances Ōkami

The City Checkpoint (「関所」?; Sekisho; checking station [1]) is a location in Ōkami. A small gathering of people selling to those on their way to Sei'an City, the area is limited not by a Cursed zone, but by the large drawbridge being stuck up. The area is blocked off in Ōkamiden due to large mounds of earth in Agata Forest and a blockage in Ryoshima Coast due to an earthquake.



The map of the City Checkpoint.

The City Checkpoint is the westernmost part of eastern Nippon. It serves as a gateway to western Nippon and connects to Ryoshima Coast. The checkpoint bridges a canyon that separate the two halves. The area is located between Taka Pass and Ryoshima Coast. On the Ryoshima Coast end was a large fort with a cannon. The bridge is usually lowered and patrolled by guards from Sei'an City, but can be raised in emergencies. Deep within the canyon is a large river, seemingly connected with the Narai River in Agata Forest by the small river's waterfall. There are several areas of interest up and down the river itself. A Konohana blossom floats directly above the bridge, providing access to a sequence of other Konohana blossoms; however, Vine is unable to be used all the way to the last blossom unless the Golden Inkpot or Inkfinity Stone is used. The river has a strong current that will automatically carry any Lily Pads downstream too fast for Galestorm to compensate, so Amaterasu can only explore the upstream area if she has the Water Tablet.


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Obtained items


  • Mother Tree: Under the wooden walkway leading down to the bank of the river, on the side of Taka Pass.


City Checkpoint

  • #36: Buried at the far end of the river bank down in the canyon, past the waterfall.
  • #37: In a burning chest near the waterfall down in the canyon.
  • #38: Purify the fort's remains to reveal the Stray Bead.
  • #39: On top of a pillar-shaped island at the southern end of the river. Vine must be used on a series of high-flying Konohana flowers to reach it.
  • #40: Buried on a small island at the north end of the river. The Water Tablet is required to obtain it, as the water current is strong enough to push water lilies downstream.


  • In rare occasions, there may be a glitch that prevents water lilies from being pushed downstream by the large river's current.