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Appearances Ōkami
First encountered Gale Shrine
Attack method Fire breath
Tail whip
Boiling water ejection
Weapon(s) Tail
Boiled water
Floral Finisher Power Slash
I designed this demon after the Imps, and I wrote the word 'Chimera' on his belly. I really like designs that have this kind of attitude, but some line-intensive designers may not agree with me. At this stage, I was honestly planning on incorporating every demon's name into their design.

—Sawaki, Ōkami Official Complete Works

The Chimera (「鵺」?; nue) is a large teakettle-like demon similar to the Bud Ogre. Chimera are demons that are composed of the parts of several animals.


The Chimera is first encountered at the Gale Shrine. It is a large, tank-like demon with tiger limbs, a monkey head with four eyes, and a serpent for a tail. It is based on a traditional kettle, with a tough outer shell that appears to be made of metal. It protects the Chimera from any damage until it is stunned.

Bestiary entry

"Disguising itself as a kettle to fool onlookers, this creature is composed of parts from many others.
It is said to have been transformed from an ordinary kettle by evil.
It cannot be damaged when inside the kettle part.
A legend says that repeated hits make the color drain.
Then, all you have to do is slash it in two and watch it vanish."


The Chimera has 3 main attacks, one where it takes a gulp from the flask on its side, breathing out a huge jet of flame, one where it lifts it's tail up as a whip and chases Amaterasu around the arena and one, the key attack to defeating the Chimera, where it hovers in the air, shooting scalding water as projectiles. The easiest way to defeat it is to evade all of its attacks wait for the third one, then Power Slash the projectiles back to him, knocking the Chimera down and dazing it, then Power Slash it again.

It is also easy to quickly stun the Chimera by using rapid-fire attacks from a Sub-Rosaries(excepting the Life Beads and the Resurrection Beads) or other strong Divine Instruments' attacks. Once the Chimera is stunned, it can be attacked or hit with Power Slash. However, if hit with a Divine Instrument, it will retaliate by erupting eight streams of scalding-hot water that descend in a small area around the Chimera. Use a Sub-Reflector Counterattack or Fleetfoot to evade the water, however the Sub-Reflector Counterattack requires much stricter timing than other occasions of counterattack.



  • The Chimera is based on the Nue of Japanese folklore. While in the strictest sense "Chimera" is a different creature from Ancient Greek mythology (the offspring of Typhon and Echidna, shown as a lion with a goat's head growing from its back and a snake for a tail) the Nue fits the more general use of the word "chimera," being a beast made from parts of multiple animals.
  • Nue is also occasionally considered as a type of Raijū.
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