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Gender Male
Race Celestial Brush god (sun god)
Location Travelling Nippon
Celestial Plain
Family Amaterasu (mother)
Shiranui (grandparent)
Appearances Ōkamiden

Chibiterasu (「チビテラス」?) is the tiny, celestial wolf puppy and the son of Amaterasu. He is the main protagonist and playable character of Ōkamiden. Throughout his journey to save Nippon, Chibiterasu is given a number of different names by each of his partners: Mutt by Kuni, Squiddy by Nanami, Pooch by Kagu, boy or dude by Kurow and Pork Chop by Manpuku (in each case, he clearly showed how much he disliked being called each). Chibiterasu isn't really smart and can't understand much without a partner directing him (partly due to the fact that he can't read).



The in-game depiction of Chibiterasu.

In the game, Chibiterasu takes the shape of a white wolf pup with crimson markings across his body, a tail shaped like a calligraphy brush (which is how the Celestial Brush is used) and, at times, a Divine Instrument usually floating above his back, making him identical in appearance to his mother Amaterasu, only smaller. He can upgrade his smaller Divine Retribution into the Purity Reflector, and later the Truth Mirror. He can also obtain the same Glaive Amaterasu had: The Tsumugari. He can upgrade this into the Light Sword, and then the Feather Sword. Like Amaterasu, he can also obtain the Devout Beads: his first Rosary. Later, this can be upgraded into the Sun Beads, then the Mystic Beads. Unlike his mother, Chibiterasu can only upgrade his Divine Instruments twice, while Amaterasu can upgrade them four times. Only those who truly believe in the gods can see his true form, all others can only see him as a plain white wolf pup.


Much like his mother, Chibiterasu is benevolent, helping all those in need. He is loyal to his friends and determined to protect his partners as shown when he jumped in the way of multiple blasts in order to defend Kagu from Sen and Ryo. Unfortunately, he inherited several of his mother's "bad habits" such as a low attention span resulting in him staring into space when being spoken to, which sometimes leads him to go to sleep.


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  • "Chibi" is a word in Japanese coming from the original い-adjective "chiisai" (「小さい」?; ちいさい), meaning "little"[1]; this word is often used to describe a cute being.
  • Chibiterasu was originally designed as a joke by one of the game's designers. He drew him as a baby version of Amaterasu.
  • Since Chibiterasu is both the child and grandchild of Amaterasu, in legends, he corresponds with Ninigi-no-Mikoto (「瓊瓊杵尊」?; also "Ame-nigishi-kuni-nigishi-amatsuhiko-hiko-ho-no-ninigi-no-Mikoto).
  • Capcom released a series of Chibiterasu pillows and plushies shortly after Ōkamiden's release.[2]
  • Chibiterasu is incapable of doing several things that Amaterasu can:
    • Chibiterasu is incapable of running (although he can move fairly quickly on his own) or digging. The player also cannot make him bark, though he does in the cutscenes.
    • Chibiterasu is incapable of swimming.
    • Chibiterasu does not form a trail of flowers after him as he walks, although he does create a short trail of plant growth behind him.
    • Chibiterasu can't regenerate his ink pots like his mother can (possibly due to him being too young to possess such divine power), requiring Spirit Ink to replenish them, although when he runs outs, after a short time, he recharges three ink pots.
    • Chibiterasu is unable to jump more than once or jump off walls, unlike Amaterasu. He is also incapable of jumping from high ledges or cliffs during gameplay, his jump is also shorter in height compared to his mother's.
    • Chibiterasu does not have an Astral Pouch, so consuming food only restores his health. He also cannot rejuvenate himself if he dies.
    • Chibiterasu is unable to headbutt in battle.
    • Unlike Amaterasu, Chibiterasu is illiterate, and requires a partner to read for him.
      • However, Chibiterasu is capable of several things Amaterasu couldn't do.
        • He can use his Divine Instruments outside of battle, something Amaterasu was not shown to be capable of, or unwilling to do.
        • Chibiterasu can also communicate with ordinary animals, something Amaterasu has not been shown to do.
  • Specifically 10 seconds after not doing any actions (outside of battle), Chibiterasu will sit. He will keeping wagging his tail softly in an upward, right then left motion while he keep moving his head in in a circular motion. His head moves slightly faster than his tail, making the motion completely non-synchronized.
  • Chibiterasu had already learned Fleetfoot before the start of the game. It's probable that it was taught to him by Amaterasu. This also implies that Amaterasu canonically learnt Fleetfoot during the events of Ōkami, although it was originally an optional ability.
  • Although Amaterasu is shown with Divine Retribution (later Solar Flare) during cutscenes, Chibiterasu does not have a Divine Instrument during cutscenes because of his special sprite, which only allows visibility of his Divine Instruments (floating on his back/neck) when he drops off any of his partners during gameplay.
  • If Chibiterasu ran out of ink in battle, he will use ramming, bumping and 'butt-stomping' as an alternate fighting style.
  • Chibiterasu Celestial Brush's ink takes on the rough apearance of charcoal rather than smooth ink
    • Charcoal is a common drawing material in Japanese children art.