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Cherry Bomb
Cherry Bomb
Cherry Bomb's Brushstroke
Appearances Ōkami
User(s) Amaterasu
Granted by Bakugami
Found Shinshu Field (Ōkami)
Yakushi Village (Ōkamiden)
Power(s) Creates a bomb
Upgrade(s) Cherry Bomb 2
Cherry Bomb 3 (Ōkami only)
Cherry Bomb (「輝玉」?; Teka-dama; brilliant jewel) is one of the thirteen Celestial Brush techniques in Ōkami and one of the eleven Brush techniques of Ōkamiden.


Cherry Bomb1

How to use Cherry Bomb.

Cherry Bomb allows Amaterasu and Chibiterasu to summon a Cherry Bomb out of thin air. The bomb is very destructive, and is mainly used for blasting cracked walls or floors, but can be used on a variety of things. It can blast demons, as well as other characters, and be rolled around to reach a certain target. It can also float in water. The Cherry Bomb can explode instantly when in contact with almost anything, especially with the use of Inferno. The explosion can be halted with Waterspout or Power Slash. It also explodes when the fuse is burned away.

Shiranui had its own modified version of Cherry Bomb, which was a pure white bomb that had a great explosion, similar to an Exorcism Slip being used. Ninetails also had its own Cherry Bomb, a yellow one as if wraped by its tails, it explodes up in a large pink and purple explosion.


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Cherry Bomb can be upgraded in certain Divine springs after offering the maximum amount of yen there three times. One Divine spring is in N. Ryoshima Coast, which gives Cherry Bomb 2 upon donation, while the other is in Kamui, which grants Amaterasu Cherry Bomb 3. The upgrades allow Amaterasu to have up to three bombs on-screen at once. The wording is a little confusing on this, and the player must still draw each bomb with a separate use of the Celestial Brush: trying to draw three bombs at once will do nothing. The Cherry Bomb upgrades aren't necessary to continue the story, but are needed to find Stray Bead #9. It is also very useful when completing Devil gate trial caves. It should also be noted that each Cherry Bomb created uses one Ink Pot.


In Ōkamiden, only Cherry Bomb 2 can be upgraded to, and the upgrade is purchased from the shaman in Yakushi Village after 3 people have moved in.



  • When Cherry Bomb is used, the kanji 華? (ka; brilliance) appears once it explodes.