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Charity is a character introduced Ōkamiden as Manpuku's mother. She has a small flame on her hat that is in relation with Manpuku having flaming hair. She is first encountered in the century-past version of the Moon Cave.

Charity learned how to cook because of Manpuku and is able to make the finest meals out of even simple weeds. However, because of this skill she is kidnapped by the Demons, Aji and Umami, to cook for Orochi. When she refused to cook for Orochi, Charity is later pushed into a giant pot, to be boiled as a soup, by a jealous Umami. That is until Chibiterasu and Manpuku saved her.


  • In her concept artwork (see image above), Charity has a flame on her hat, similar to Manpuku's hair, but in-game, she has a flower bud instead.

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