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The Celestials were a race of angel-like beings who once lived on the Celestial Plain, but are now extinct. They are only seen in the form of spirits. The Celestials have the iconic appearance of a Roman/Christian angel, with a white toga, golden hair, wings on their heads and a halo above them. Females of this race are featured with golden rings around their ankles, whereas males lack this trait. Both, however, have elf-like pointed ears.



The Celestials lived a harmonious life on the Celestial Plain. But this peace was interrupted by an attack from the great demon Orochi and its endless legion of demons. Waka tried to help the Celestials escape by boarding them onto the Ark of Yamato. However, not long after setting sail, the Celestials were massacred by another endless legion of demons from the depths of the ark, led by Yami.


As Amaterasu boards the Ark of Yamato after freeing it from the perpetual ice of Laochi Lake, she met the remaining spirits of four Celestials, Marco, Hakuba, Sado and Azumi. They told her about the events that had occurred, from the attack that devastated the Celestial Plain, the Ark of Yamato genocide to the recent rise of darkness. They faded away one by one and passed on, removing the last trace of Celestials from the universe.