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The Celestial Brush gods (「筆神」?; Fudegami) are the thirteen gods of the Celestial Brush techniques. They represent the twelve members of the East Asia zodiac plus the cat (being mentioned in the folklores of the East Asian zodiacs and is included in several other versions of zodiacs) and the whale (being included in Persian zodiac in the place of the dragon). As in the Japanese zodiac, the boar appears as a Celestial Brush god in substitution of the pig, that is the 12th zodiacal animal in the other zodiacs of eastern Asia. Shiranui possessed all thirteen Celestial Brush techniques at her peak of strength, but at her death, each god split up and went its own way to wait for her return, hiding in constellations. It is unknown if each brush god possessed a form before then. In order to regain their powers, Amaterasu and her son must seek out these gods to restore the balance of nature to the world of Nippon.

Celestial Brush gods[edit | edit source]

Image Name Appearance Power
(Amaterasu's former self)
A wolf with a burning Reflector on her back. This powerful god died following the battle against Orochi and was reborn one-hundred years later. Master of all Celestial Brush techniques.

Ōkami[edit | edit source]

The following list presents the brush gods in approximately the same order in which Amaterasu encounters them, although the three Hanagami are encountered at separate times. The bottom of the save menu displays small statue-like icons of the brush gods that correspond to the brush techniques Amaterasu possesses at each save point; these icons are sorted in the traditional zodiac order, beginning with the rat and with the cat tacked on at the end.

Image Name Appearance Power
Amaterasu Amaterasu White wolf with crimson markings who wears a fiery Reflector on her back. She represents the dog in the East Asia zodiac. Sunrise
Yomigami The first brush god to be met, Yomigami is a huge dragon with a scroll making up a section of his tail. He represents the dragon in the East Asia zodiac. Rejuvenation
Tachigami Tachigami is a small mouse who wields a tachi (large sword). He represents the rat in the East Asia zodiac. Power Slash
Hanagami The Hanagami are a trio of monkeys known as the flora gods. Sakigami plays a shō. Hasugami plays the shinobue. Tsutagami plays a pair of cymbals. All three represent the monkey in the East Asia zodiac. Greensprout
(Bloom, Water Lily and Vine)
Bakugami Bakugami is the boar of explosions who is followed by four flame-wielding piglets. He represents the pig in the East Asia zodiac. Cherry Bomb
Yumigami Yumigami is the mochi-making rabbit in the moon. She represents the rabbit in the East Asia zodiac. Crescent
Nuregami Nuregami is a snake within a round flask of water. She represents the snake in the East Asia zodiac. Waterspout
Kazegami Kazegami is the equestrian god of the wind. He represents the horse in the East Asia zodiac. Galestorm
Moegami Moegami is a large rooster phoenix. He represents the rooster in the East Asia zodiac. Inferno
Kasugami Kasugami is a drunken sheep. She represents the sheep in the East Asia zodiac. Veil of Mist
Kabegami Kabegami is a small cat who is the goddess of walls. The Cat is not normally part of the twelve East Asia zodiac animals, having been tricked out of a spot by the rat (differing based on versions of astrology), but is found in the rabbit's place in the Vietnamese zodiac. Catwalk
Gekigami Gekigami is a hot-tempered tiger with an enormous bow and a quiver of lightning bolts on his back. He represents the tiger in the East Asia zodiac. Thunderstorm
Itegami Itegami is the final Brush god: a large ox. He represents the ox in the East Asia zodiac. In the Vietnamese zodiac, it is substituted by the water buffalo. Blizzard

Ōkamiden[edit | edit source]

All the brush gods appear to have children in Ōkamiden. These children have the same powers and names as their parents. The game also introduces new brush gods who grant new powers. The new set of gods is made up of animals with no connection to the East Asia zodiac (though penguins are a type of bird and whales are in the Persian zodiac). According to the young Michigami, some of the previous Brush Gods disappeared due to the imbalance of dark and light after Amaterasu defeated Yami. Below is a list of the gods who appear.

Image Name Appearance Power
Ammy Chibi.png
Chibiterasu Chibiterasu is the son of Amaterasu. He was summoned to save Nippon from the forces of evil. Sunrise
Od yomigami.png Yomigami's children Seahorse literally translates to "baby dragon" in Japanese; thus two young dragons appear alongside Yomigami. Rejuvenation
Michigami Michigami is a penguin who is accompanied by his three children. He is one of the brush gods introduced in Ōkamiden. Guidance
Od tachigami.jpg Tachigami's children Three small mice who appear alongside Tachigami. Power Slash
Od sakigami.jpg Sakigami's child A small monkey who appears alongside Sakigami. Bloom
Od bakugami.jpg Bakugami's children Four young boars who appear alongside Bakugami. Cherry Bomb
Od nuregami.jpg Nuregami's child A young snake in jar of water that appears alongside Nuregami. Waterspout
Od tsutagami.jpg Tsutagami's child A small monkey who appears alongside Tsutagami. Vine
Od moegami.jpg Moegami's child A young bird who steals his father's pipe. Inferno
Kyokugami Kyokugami is a whale accompanied by his two children who bounce on his water spout. He, like Michigami, is one of the brush gods introduced in Ōkamiden. Magnetism
Od kazegami.jpg Kazegami's child A foal with a small green toy windmill that appears alongside Kazegami. Galestorm
Od gekigami.jpg Gekigami's child A small tiger cub who rides on his father's electrical arrows and carries one in his mouth. Thunderstorm

Gallery[edit | edit source]

Trivia[edit | edit source]

  • The lines spoken by the children of the Brush Gods in Ōkamiden suggest that their names are not unique to a single Celestial Brush god but to a group. For example, the children of Bakugami say, "We are the young Bakugami."
  • The children of Bakugami are the only child Brush Gods who have appeared in both games.
  • In Ōkami, the Brush Gods transform themselves into Praise and are absorbed by Amaterasu, but in Ōkamiden, the gods' children just summon a Praise Orb as opposed to actually turning into one.
  • All of the brush gods names except Chibiterasu, Amaterasu, and Shiranui end in gami ( god).
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