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Catwalk is one of the thirteen Celestial Brush techniques in Ōkami and is exclusive to the game. It is granted to Amaterasu by Kabegami. With the presence of jade statues of Kabegami, Amaterasu can create a trail of golden glowing pawprints that last for a approximately 30 seconds that she can adhere to, in order to scale along the trail and reach destinations that are usually unreachable. Amaterasu can also stick to the area within close proximity of a pawprint, should she miss the trail in her jump.

However, only vertical and diagonal trails can be easily scaled; horizontal trails, without proper timing in adhering back to the trail after a jump, can result in Amaterasu plummeting down below, since when scaling these trails, Amaterasu can only leap upward, then aim her fall to progress along the trail.

Usage[edit | edit source]

Draw a line from a statue of Kabegami, creating a trail of golden pawprints. Jump onto the trail to stick to it, then jump again to follow the trail; adjusting direction to that of the trail if necessary while jumping (in case of horizontal or diagonal trails).

Acquisitions[edit | edit source]

While swimming around in the waters of North Ryoshima Coast on the back of Orca, Amaterasu and Issun approached a small island with a very high tower that reaches out of sight, and an echoing meowing from atop the tower is heard. Decided to investigate the tower, Amaterasu entered the island, and after climbing on the tower by scaling along its surface, the Sun Goddess finally managed to reach the top of the structure, only to find a lone cat on the height. However, as Amaterasu fed the feline, a constellation is summoned, and upon completion, emerged the goddess Kabegami. After snatching Issun and playing with him, the feline god of wall grants Amaterasu Catwalk, which is immediately tried out on a nearby statue of Kabegami.

Trivia[edit | edit source]

  • Catwalk is one of the least used Celestial Brush techniques, due to the small amount of Kabegami's statues scattered around Nippon.
  • When Catwalk is used, golden oval coins known as Koban scatters as an aura around the source of the brushstroke. This is a reference to cat's association with wealth and money in East Asia.
  • When examining any of Kabegami's statues prior to reaching Catcall Tower, Issun will make mention of the statue's face, claiming that it has the same blank expression as Amaterasu.[1]

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  1. "Hm? Hey, get a load of this statue's face! It's got the same blank expression as you! Hee hee hee..." - Issun when examining any of Kabegami's statues prior to Catcall Tower
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