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Catcall Tower (「猫鳴りの塔」?; Nekonari no tō; caterwauling tower) is a sacred area in Ōkami. An incredibly tall tower, it is home to the Celestial Brush god Kabegami, the wielder of Catwalk, one of the last Celestial Brush techniques.



The tower's top.

Catcall Tower is a tall stone column that stretches toward the sky, with two enclosed platforms at the top. Stray cats roam the small forest at the base, which is scattered with fallen stone. There are eight levels that Amaterasu must climb using a lengthy Catwalk trail that was established before her arrival. Each level of the tower contains either a treasure chest, a stray cat, or both. At the top lies a feline messenger to Kabegami, and a large statue of the Celestial Brush god, as well as a Mermaid spring.




The tower as seen from the coast.

The god Kabegami, wielder of the Catwalk brush technique, wanted to escape from the darkness of the mortal world. She built the tower and climbed to the top, taking refuge in the sky. Unfortunately, she couldn't climb back down, either from fear, the inability to climb down (which is true of all cats), or from the darkness below. As a result, she remained at the top of the tower, and her plaintive meows could be heard from the ground in northern Ryoshima Coast.


While in North Ryoshima Coast,Amaterasu travels to Catcall Tower, and climbs the Catwalk paths to the peak of the tower. There she finds a stray cat, messenger to Kabegami, and feeds it. After the feline has been taken care of, Kabegami appears to Amaterasu and grants her the Celestial Brush Technique Catwalk. Afterwards, Amaterasu returns to the ground to continue her quest.


  • Stray cats
  • Kabegami

Obtained itemsEdit


  • Mark of Kabegami: At the base of Catcall Tower, right at the platform marking the first level of the tower is.

Celestial Brush techniqueEdit

  • Catwalk: Obtained atop Catcall Tower.


  • Sun Fragment: Atop the tower, on the platform behind the gigantic statue of Kabegami.

Stray BeadsEdit

  • #67: On the seventh level of the tower. Upon reaching the level, there is no safe ground (the golden floor) that appears when Amaterasu reaches it.
  • #68: At the top of the staircase on the uppermost floor of the tower, but can only be obtained if Amaterasu completely re-climbs it.
  • #69: At the top of one of the small towers at the base, which is only accessible when Catwalk is learnt.

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