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Template:OkamiCharacter Eight dogs who were the guardians of the Gale Shrine, which was accessable via Kusa Village, Amaterasu and Issun had to find them for the Satomi Orbs to be used to dispel the barrier blocking their path, they found a problem with each that they had to overcome in order for them to return to Princess Fuse:

The Warriors

Image Name (Satomi Orb) Found (Reasons for not returning) Status Bestiary Entry
Rei.jpg Canine Warrior Rei (Honor Orb) In a hole in the wall. Cherry Bomb needed to destroy the wall. (Hunger) Returned to Princess Fuse. "Rei" stands for "honor."'
Honor calls for careful moderation when dealing with others.
If we lose this sense, we rush headlong into chaos.
Shin.jpg Canine Warrior Shin (Faith Orb) Appears when the patch of dead grass near the Flower Girl is bloomed. (Hunger) Returned to Princess Fuse. "Shin" stands for "faith."
Faith flows from an open heart and is exchanged between friends.
It is the root of our convictions and guides us to our goals.
Chi.jpg Canine Warrior Chi (Knowledge Orb) In a bamboo stalk near Mr. Bamboo's house. (Hunger) Returned to Princess Fuse. "Chi" stands for "knowledge."
Knowledge is useless without deep reflection.
This reflection is essential in the pursuit of understanding.
Ko.jpg Canine Warrior Ko (Wisdom Orb) In a cave above the village. Vine needed to get there. (Hunger) Returned to Princess Fuse. "Ko" stands for "wisdom."
True wisdom is that passed on from one's parents and grandparents.
Rely on those who came before to show you the way in all things.
Tei.jpg Canine Warrior Tei (Brotherhood Orb) After feeding and returning the other Canine Warriors in Kusa Village. Will be found outside Princess Fuse's house. (Honing his skills.) Returned to Princess Fuse. "Tei" stands for "brotherhood."
Brotherly affection breeds understanding.
It allows us to be ourselves and accept our fate.
Gi.jpg Canine Warrior Gi/Take (Duty Orb) Sasa Sanctuary. (Protecting Sasa Sanctuary.) Staying in Sasa Sanctuary to defend it from the demons. "Gi" stands for "duty."
To remain firm in one's duties in each and every aspect of life...
Bravery and duty go hand in hand. Bravery shows one what is right.
The greatest form of bravery is that born from a sense of duty.
Ume.jpg Canine Warrior Jin/Ume (Justice Orb) Agata Forest. (Dedication to Kokari.) Staying with Kokari to protect him. "Jin" stands for "justice."
To show compassion to both the living and the dead...
To care enough to give one's own life in service...
Hayabusa.jpg Canine Warrior Chu/Hayabusa (Loyalty Orb) Kamiki Village. (To protect Mushi.) Staying with Mushi to save him from the arrow. "Chu" stands for "loyalty."
To give one's whole life for the good of one's master...
To focus on the goal with all of one's concentration...

Kusa 5

The members of the Kusa 5.

While Gi, Jin and Chu never return to Princess Fuse, the other five remain with her, training at the Gale Shrine. Princess Fuse names the group the Kusa 5 and states that they are even more powerful than Orochi. When Amaterasu finds them in the Gale Shrine all the dogs appear to be tired and bored. She requests that Amaterasu battles her five warriors to test their strength and skill. After a difficult battle against all five members the three missing members appear to fight Amaterasu who manages to overcome them only for Tei to rise again. Once Amaterasu has completed the battle Princess Fuse tells her that her level of skill is what the Kusa 5 strive for. She also informs Issun that although the Eight Canine Warriors have split up, the lost members will return to aid their comrades in times of need for even when they are apart they are always as one. After their defeat, the Kusa 5 has a new found enthusiasm and resume their training.


  • The art book reveals that the canine warriors were originally designed as humans, but later in development they were made into dogs.
    • They are 'recycled' characters who share a similar model and attack animations as Amaterasu.
  • According to the Official Complete Works, all the Canine Warriors obviously have a set breed which are:
    • Rei is a Pointer, a breed of hunting dog used to retrieve fallen birds. His markings suggest that he's an English Pointer.
    • Shin is a Boxer, a medium bulldog breed from Germany.
    • Chi is a Japanese Spitz, a breed most often seen as a pet or companion dog.
    • Ko is a Collie, a British dog used in herding sheep.
    • Tei is a Tosa-Ken, a Japanese fighting dog.
    • Gi is a Husky, though this is a general term for several breeds often used as sled dogs.
    • Jin is a Shiba-Inu, a Japanese small-game hunting dog.
    • Chu is a Kai Ken, a Japanese hunting breed.
  • The Eight Canine Warriors are based on a novel, known as Nansō Satomi Hakkenden.