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Race/Species Demon (Catfish)
Gender Male
Appearance(s) Ōkamiden
Location(s) Five-Story Pagoda
Weakness(es) Vine
Power Slash
Fire Crystals (Providence Crystal)
Attack method Leaping bite
Belly flop
Lightning discharge
Weapon(s) Whisker
Background music The Emperor of Eternal Darkness's Descendants Suppression
I'm really a carp! And soon I will become a dragon!


Bullhead (「大ナマズ」?; Ōnamazu; Great namazu) is a boss encountered in Ōkamiden. He is a giant catfish who is responsible for the terrible flooding in Agata Forest. Nanami is the partner who helped Chibiterasu in his fight against Bullhead. It is said that the bones of his victims can be seen caught in his sharp teeth[1].


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Beastiary entry

  1. "Believing himself to be a carp, his goal is to swim up a waterfall and become a dragon,
    at least according to a legend he believes.
    He uses his bullwhip-like and razor-sharp teeth to dispatch those who
    stand in his way. The bones of his victims can be seen caught on the barbs of his crooked tongue."


Bullhead can attack Chibiterasu and Nanami by trying to flatten them with a belly flop. He can use his whiskers for whips and he can also shoot electricity from them. He uses his sharp teeth to try and bite Chibiterasu and Nanami. He will swim around the arena and Nanami must chase after him. When she has caught up, Vine can be used to drag Chibiterasu to an island near her. He can be Power Slashed to stop him from attacking Nanami. Although his electric attacks cannot be deflected the same way, using Power Slash on his whiskers before he fires the attack will not only stun him, but also allow Chibiterasu to use Vine on his tongue to pull him out of the water.

He can only be really damaged when he is out of the water. Chibiterasu can attack him with his Divine Instruments or Nanami can attack him, however this will only serve to weaken him. When he is weak enough he can then be hoisted out of the water using Vine to latch him, by his tongue, onto a Konohana blossom.

If Chibiterasu is using the Providence Crystal, then he can only use Fire to damage Bullhead, since Bullhead swims in water, thus somewhat affiliated to Ice; he also uses electricity in his attacks, therefore Lightning doesn't deal any damage to him.


  • "Nu-ha-ha-ha! You're here!"
  • "I must commend you for having been able to follow me this far!"
  • "I am no catfish! I'm a carp!"
  • "Why are you looking at me like I'm a cat fish or something?"
  • "No! This is just the disguise I wear to hide in this world!"
  • "I'm really a carp! And soon I will become a dragon!"
  • "Nu-ha-ha-ha!"
  • "Nu-ha-ha-ha! That I cannot do."
  • "Because that little twerp is inside my belly."
  • "Why don't you slice my belly open and have a peek inside?"
  • "Of course that would be impossible for you though."
  • "You know why? Because i have the Wet Jewel and Dry Jewel!"
  • "And with these in my possession, I'm, unstoppable!"
  • "Nu-ha-ha-ha!"
  • "What's mine is mine! In everything, we must all give up something... and it's time for you to give up your life!"


  • Bullhead is most likely named after a number of fish genuses and species having the same name.
    • In addition, to be "bullheaded" means to be stubbornly determined. Because Bullhead is bullheaded in his quest to climb a waterfall, his name has a double meaning.
  • In some Asian countries (China, Japan, Vietnam, etc.), there is a legend that says if a carp swims up a waterfall, it will become a dragon. This fits with Bullhead's assumption that he himself is a carp, and his intention to become a dragon.
  • Bullhead's Japanese name, Ōnamazu (「大ナマズ」?), and his design as a catfish is based on the Ōnamazu of Japanese mythology, which is a giant catfish that causes earthquakes with its thrashing, residing under the mud of the islands of Japan, restrained by the god Kashima.
    • Despite Bullhead being based on the namazu, he claimed himself to be a carp (following the legend of the dragon-morphing carp above), contradicting the race of the namazu itself; obviously, all those who encounter Bullhead saw him as a catfish.
  • He resembles the Whopper from Ōkami in that they are both giant catfish. They also both lived in Agata Forest before their defeat.
  • He considers himself to be a carp, but any who see him consider him to be a catfish, much to his irritation.
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