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The Bull Charger is a type of demon rarely encountered in Ōkami. It belongs to the already-rare Bovine category of demons.


The Bull Charger is first encountered at Kamui, just outside of the entrance to Yoshpet, after Amaterasu has obtained the Sewaprolo to gain access to the forest. The Bull Charger has a centaur-like appearance of a bull body, a spider's abdomen, two human arms and a grotesque face with multiple eyes and a mouth that is similar to that of a fly's or a spider's. Most of the time, its face is covered by a steel mask similar to that of a Red and Blue Ogre, but the Bull Charger's mask is much simpler: Just a round metal plate with two large horns on the side.


The Bull Charger is known to be a famous leading enforcer in hell who is very strong. This creature, whose strength is on par with an Ogre, can freeze souls with its ice breath.[1]

Bestiary entry[]

  1. "Bull Charger is famous for being a leading enforcer in hell.
    As such, he is very powerful and can freeze souls with his ice breath.
    Strong, but not stronger than an Ogre, anyone who has fought Ogres will be successful.
    Of course, only the best of the best can beat Ogres."


Since the Bull Charger has a frontal mask that is impervious to damage, Amaterasu has to use Veil of Mist to get behind it and deal damage. There, she can use Golden Fury and the Thief's Glove to farm it (the hidden strike glitch is not necessary, as the Bull Charger is very resilient to damage). Also, Sub-Reflector Counterattacks does not work on this demon, but it still yield a Demon Fang, so Amaterasu should stand still for a while, prompting the Bull Charger to attack, then timely execute the counterattack. When the Bull Charger lift its mask and exhales a breath of ice, use Inferno (but Fireburst is much more recommended) to repel the breath, stunning it. Then, use Power Slash to destroy the demon's mask, rendering it vulnerable from all angles. Since the Sub-Reflector Counterattack does not work on this demon, simply bash it to death, then use Inferno as its Floral Finisher, but since most of the time, there aren't any fire source in or near where the Bull Charger is encountered, Fireburst or the Solar Flare is more recommended.