The Blue Head (「舞首」?; Maikubi; "Dancing Neck") is a minor demon encountered in Ōkamiden. It is the stronger version of the Red Head.


The Blue Head is first encountered in the Ice Room where Chibiterasu must navigate Manpuku over ice spikes by using Guidance that are otherwise unable to be crossed. When Chibiterasu guides one of his partners near the demon, it will grab the partner and float about, tossing them up harmlessly in its jaws, disrupting Guidance's usage in the process. It is a bright blue lion mask with yellow lining. It has a golden mane on the top of its head and it floats in a cloud of sky blue gas, likely a demonic essence.


Blue Heads were originally costume lion heads that were used as a part of some festivals; however, they have now become possessed by a demonic spirit and have acquired a sentience of their own. They harbor an unexplained hatred towards humans as well as an insatiable urge to stalk them until their death.[1]

Bestiary entryEdit

  1. "Costume lion heads used during certain festivals that now have life of their
    own. For some reason, they despise humans, and will stalk their
    human prey until they are dead."


Blue Heads are able to be dealt with, but only when they are open to attack. In their normal, passive state, they are immune to any form of damage. When they kidnap a partner, though, they become susceptible to attacks by Chibiterasu, whether from Celestial Brush techniques or Divine Instruments. The Providence Crystal is the best Divine Instrument for Chibiterasu use against it, as the Blue Head is usually too far away for any other type to reach. Power Slash is the easiest Brush technique to use as it is accurate and can hit the Blue Head anywhere it may be floating. It is stronger than the Red Head in that it requires two hits to be dispatched instead of one.


  • The Blue Head is likely based on a shishi-gashira (lion head), the head of the costumes used in the Shishi-mai (lion dance), a traditional dance which originated in China and became part of Japanese tradition as well. The costumes are operated by one or two people and feature a large head of lacquered wood, the shishi-gashira. The lion dance itself is sometimes a part of various Shinto religious festivals.
  • The Blue Head, like the Red Head, is based on the Nukekubi, a variant of the Rokurokubi whose heads come off at night to terrorize the country side, and the head's owner will not remember a thing come sunrise.
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