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Blue Cyclops is a type of demon belonging to the Greater Goblins class. Similar to its stronger brethren, the Great Tengu, the Blue Cyclops has an enraged state called "Chaos Mode" when provoked by certain means.


Blue Cyclops wear a giant blue mask and fly with smokey wings. They carry a pipe in their mouth and are very similar to Great Tengu in both appearance and fighting style. They are first encountered at Watcher's Cape and their Floral Finisher is Waterspout. Blue Cyclop's are also known for their "chaos mode".

Bestiary EntryEdit

"This curmudgeonly blue brute usually flies and smokes a pipe.
If its pipe goes out, it becomes enraged and calls forth lightning.
However, relighting the pipe calms it down almost instantly."

Blue Cyclops concept art 2

Blue Cyclops in it's "chaos mode".


Blue Cyclops are typically calm enemies. If their pipe goes out naturally over time or quenched by Waterspout or Galestorm, they will enter a "chaos mode" during which they are invincible to damage and are much more aggressive. While it is still calm, relight the pipe with Inferno to prevent this and keep it in its normal state. It can shoot arrows, emit purple fog which tracks Amaterasu and deals damage upon touch, and shoot a fireball which lingers on the ground- be sure not to stay in one spot for too long. Attacking with Rosaries for Main and Sub weapons is often the safest option, as she can attack from a distance, and have better odds of getting past the mask (which blocks damage, and can't be destroyed).


  • The Blue Cyclops is based on a wide variety of giant one eyed yōkai found in Western Japan, hence their designated name as cyclopes. Some of these major influences are the (「Hitotsu-me Nyūdō?; 一つ目入道; one-eyed Buddhist monk) and the Ao bōzu. According to legend, Hitotsu-me Nyūdō are the result of powerful kitsune and tanuki enacting their transformation magic to feast on humans, while ao bōzu are said to be blue tinged giants who practice magic and were once wayward monks in their mortal lives. Within Shinto, one eyed yokai have been associated with evil kami and deities, and were said to have been sent to do their master's bidding from treacherous mountainsides where they had resided. In line with the Ryoshima Coast's themes of society and civilization, their appearance strongly imply that they are the souls of fallen and disgraced monks or otherwise who now serve Ninetails as her followers.
  • Waterspout is the official Floral Finisher of the Blue Cyclops; since in most battles (except for a certain Demon Scroll fight at North Ryoshima Coast, and the mandatory fight on Oni Island) a water source is not present however, Deluge is a far more preferred method.


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