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That strange mist that was all over town has gone now. But my father still hasn't be able to wake up. Rumor has it that it was the mist making everyone ill.


Blossom is a damsel who is desperate to seek the Herbal Medicine to cure her father's illness even after the fog in Sei'an City has disappeared. Blossom's papa is her father, who has been suffering from a strange over-prolonged sickness, and constantly looks pale.



Blossom's papa concept art

Blossom is under a dilemma because of her father's lingering condition even after the fog in Sei'an has disappeared. She is desperate to get some medicine to cure her father's illness, specifically the Herbal Medicine. After delivering the Herbal Medicine to help Blossom cure her father, he is agitated to wake up and desperate to see the flower from the sakura trees again. Amaterasu and Issun need to consult Mr. Flower to perform the Gura Shuffle and revitalize each one of the possessed cherry trees in the Commoner's Quarter. After revitalizing all of the trees, Blossom's papa will rush outside and dance happily by seeing the flowers. Despite this, Blossom is still concern about her father's condition called the "cherry blossom sickness".


Amaterasu needs to buy the Herbal Medicine available by the Tool Dealer next to the city's gate. The Herbal Medicine only costs ¥2000 and is available as soon as Amaterasu enters Sei'an City. After giving it to Blossom, she will be very grateful and Amaterasu will earn 20 praise.

When Blossom's Papa begs to see the sakura in Sei'an to be revived and full of life, Amaterasu needs to consult Mr. Flower to perform the nature's divination known as "Gura Shuffle". Amaterasu must first use Bloom on each sakura tree in the Commoner's Quarter including the one which grows on Mr. Flower's head and in his house.

When Mr. Flower starts running, Amaterasu must follow him to the each corrupted tree and wait for him to finish divining it so that Bloom can be used on them. Note that if Amaterasu is somewhat missed one chance of using Bloom on them, she needs to restart again from the beginning. The last sakura tree is the one that grows atop his house. After done reviving each cherry trees in the city, Amaterasu must go back to Blossom's Papa and see his reaction.

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