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Bloom, one of the three Celestial Brush technique in the Greensprout awarded to both Amaterasu and Chibiterasu as a result of their finding and freeing the Brush god Sakigami.

Traditionally, Bloom is used to revitalize Guardian Saplings, Cursed Trees, Clovers, and landscapes that have wilted away as a result as the Cursed zone in an area. However, both lupine gods can use this power to split open the Bud Ogre and attack it more directly. The technique can also be used to create flowers when drawn on the ground, and sprout massive trees to block enemies in battle if dots are drawn where trees are desired. When used in both games, the kanji for blossoming appears alongside a cloud of scattered cherry blossom petals.

Contrary to popular belief, Bloom is not needed to yield Praise or cause humans to come over and pet Amaterasu. Instead, one merely needs to draw a circle around them, which can be done even before the acquisition of Bloom.



In Ōkami, Amaterasu must travel to Hana Valley in search of the first of Sakuya's Guardian Saplings. After navigating through the valley's cursed areas, Amaterasu finds herself at the base of a small shrine and standing before a wilted Guardian Sapling. Moving a crystal ball to the alter from a different passage of the valley's caverns and using Sunrise will cause the Sapling to be restored to near full health. However, in order to be able to truly restore the once mighty tree, Amaterasu takes on the help of Sakigami and receives the Bloom technique, after which she uses to heal the tree, purify the valley, and begin to purify the land of Nippon as a whole.


To obtain Bloom in this game, Chibiterasu must navigate through a cursed and now dungeon-like Hana Valley and locate Sakigami's statue. Barking at the stone will cause the god and its child to appear after their constellation is traced.