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Blizzard's Brushstroke
Appearances Ōkami
User(s) Shiranui
Granted by Itegami
Found Wawku Shrine
Power(s) Use existing ice to freeze enemies.
Upgrade(s) Icestorm
Blizzard (「吹雪」?; Fubuki; snowstorm) is one of the 13 Celestial Brush techniques in Ōkami, and is exclusive to the game.


Blizzard allows Amaterasu to create a trail of ice from an ice source to freeze either single or multiple desired targets at once. When a target is frozen, it will stay put for a few seconds before breaking free from the ice. While frozen, a target can also be used as another ice source to freeze other targets or refreeze itself.

Blizzard also has another unique use. At large chasms with sparkling ice crystal floating within, Amaterasu can draw an ice trail over these crystal to coalesce them into large, floating ice blocks that line into a makeshift bridge across the chasm. However, like glass and ice passageway, this bridge is also slippery, and it will shatter after about 10 seconds, making moving across them quickly an unpleasant task, such as the enormous canyons between the summits of Ezofuji that must be crossed to reach the other part of Wawku Shrine where Lechku & Nechku flew over to.


To use Blizzard, draw a line from an ice source to one or through multiple target. With the brushstroke for coalescing ice crystals into bridges, draw a line from an ice source over the chasm from the other side to where Amaterasu is standing, or vice versa.


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Main article: Icestorm

Blizzard has a single upgrade: Icestorm. By drawing the mark X (an X with a horizontal line striking through its center), Amaterasu can create a gigantic six-armed hexagonal ice crystal that rain down devastating icicles, freezing and destroying anything within its vicinity. This Secret Brush Technique is very strong, and will immediately outclass Blizzard upon obtaining of the primary technique. However, Icestorm has a downside: it cannot freeze and coalesce ice crystal in chasms to create floating, crossable ice blocks.


  • Blizzard is the only Celestial Brush technique that has its upgrade immediately gained upon obtaining the primary technique, rendering Blizzard immediately outclassed, except for when creating ice bridges over chasms.
  • When used on animals or people, Blizzard will turn them into two-sphere Japanese snowmen.