Biteable objects are a type of items that often serve as Key items and are sometimes needed to progress the game. Amaterasu cannot add them to her inventory, she can only carry them in her mouth to the specific place they are needed. Although their information cannot be viewed, they will be introduced and named to her when she first finds one. When they are brought to the specific place it triggers a cutscene.

As they are in her mouth Amaterasu can only carry one biteable object at a time, she also cannot dig or bark while holding one. If she does so she will drop it, and if it is not picked up on time it will disappear and return to it's original location. This is also the case of if a person drops the item. Some objects cannot be carried outside certain places and if she tries to do this the item will disappear from her mouth and return to where she originally found it.


Door keysEdit

These are the most common type of biteable object and they come in quite a few forms. Most dungeons have Lockjaws guarding doors and Exorcism Arrows are needed to kill them. Oni Island has special doors which need electric keys to open them, these electric arrows also open chests and cause walkways to appear. Other places also have their own unique key, a key is needed to open up Tsuta Ruins and a cogwheel opens up the final areas of Wawku Shrine after it falls from Lechku & Nechku.

Missing and stolen objectsEdit

During the game Amaterasu will run into quite a lot of people who have lost an item or had it stolen. She will often have to fight the thieves that have stolen the objects, such as the Molsters in Taka Pass or Hayazo in Sei'an City. Most of the missing or stolen items are for sidequests however Amaterasu must find Rao's missing Prayer Slips to continue in the storyline.

Amaterasu also becomes the thief herself for two reasons necessary for the game. She must steal an oddly shaped turnip for Mushi and the Sacrificial Robes from Nami.


Miscellaneous objects that Amaterasu can pick up fall into four types: Animals (such as Inaba or other animals Amaterasu see on her journey), gifts (Kushi's Sake for Susano and vases for the Guardian Statues, puzzle pieces and finally people (dragging Mrs. Cutter into the moonlight to transform her, firing Oki from his bow).

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