"Beta" is a term that refers to early versions of a game that is currently under developments, and as such, is different from the final version. These early versions are used for tests to determine and fix bugs and errors for the final release of the game.

Ōkami and Ōkamiden had several beta versions, but all of them are in Japanese.


As shown in the Video Treasure Chest section of Issun's Present, several footages of Ōkami's beta are revealed. These beta have some differences from the final game:

  • The plot is altered, with Kushi and Susano at Sei'an City, Himiko walking the streets of the capital, a strange male character being sacrificed to Orochi, etc.
  • Waka has a house, and can be talked to outside.
  • There is a meter which fills when Amaterasu barks outside of someone's home at night, disturbing their sleep. If the meter is full, they will be annoyed, and will jump out to attack her.
  • There is also a similar meter for dragging people, and they will chase Amaterasu if it is filled.
  • The towns of Deshima and Dragon Palace Town are present in the demo, as well as the Turtle Submarine and the Shrine of Rejuvenation. Additionally, the Tao Troopers' headquarter is on the ground and has a significantly different design. Concept arts of these locations can still be seen in the Ōkami section of Issun's Present and in the Ōkami Official Complete Works.


Ōkamiden's beta was actually not translated in the international versions, and as such, is only included in the Japanese version.

Ōkamiden has had a demo released in North America, and Japan. In North America, the demo released 2 weeks before the official release, however, in Japan, the demo released 1 year before the game released there. The demo version is very different than the final version, with the notable differences listed here:

  • The battle music is different
  • Kuni's voice is different, along with his voice that he shouts when battling enemies
  • The place in the demo is in the Cave of Nagi, but is completely overhauled in design in the final version
  • Dead trees are brown and detailed, whereas in the final version, it is a generic black silhouette of a tree
  • In the Cave of Nagi, the player fights Bone Clams there, however, they are never fought in the Cave of Nagi
  • The Celestial Brush screen used when it is pulled out is actually very different, only being the yellow tinted screen and nothing else


  • Since the Shrine of Rejuvenation was present in the beta of Ōkami, it was also possible that there were other shrines for the Celestial Brush techniques, but all of them could've been cut off due to a repetition of the locations and method in obtaining the techniques.
  • It is unknown why Deshima, the Dragon Palace Town and the Turtle Submarine was removed from the final release of Ōkami.
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