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Bandit Spider
Appearances Ōkami
First encountered Ryoshima Coast
North Ryoshima Coast
Attack method Stomp
Bull rush
Midair spin
Bomb throw
Silk spit
Back ambush
Weapon(s) Silk
Floral Finisher N/A
Bandit Spiders (「袋狢」?; Fukuro Mujina) are large demons and are extremely similar to the Spider Queen of the Tsuta Ruins.


The Bandit Spider can be found in any of the three devil gate trial caves, where they must be defeated before the Devil gate trials can be accessed. There are a few differences between the Spider Queen and the Bandit Spiders: the Bandit Spiders produce bombs (which require the use of Inferno to be destroyed) rather than eggs, three hooks in its abdomen must be grabbed using Vine rather than two, and its weakpoints are paper lanterns rather than eyes. Once all of these are destroyed, the Bandit Spider will die, and a chest with a Sun Fragment will appear in its place. Once defeated, a Bandit Spider will never reappear in the save file with the playthrough that it is defeated in. Only by starting a New Game+ on that file that the Bandit Spider will reappear.

Bestiary entry

"They say 'That which we do not possess is of little value'.
This difficult to find beast deceives humans and robs them of their possessions, then steals away to hide deep underground.
If you happen to find one, prepare your finest treasure as bait."


Bandit Spiders have very tough hides and are close to invulnerable until their weak points are exposed. They will attack Amaterasu by shooting webs or stomping at her. To quickly open their abdomens, pan the camera around the Bandit Spiders until having a suitable view of the Bandit Spiders' abdomen hooks and the Konohana Blossoms around, then use Vine on the hooks. After the first vines are in place, the Bandit Spiders will begin to struggle, and stalactites will begin to fall down, but they pose little threats. Amaterasu must be quick in connecting the vines, otherwise, the Bandit Spiders will leap, spin in midair, severing the vines and rendering the Konohana Blossoms temporarily unusable. Once the abdomens are opened successfully, paper lanterns will then be exposed and must be attacked to defeat the Bandit Spiders. They can be attacked with Divine Instruments, Exorcism Slips, or Celestial Brush techniques. The lanterns are extremely vulnerable to the Fireburst technique, which depletes a large amount of the Bandit Spider's health. The abdomen will start to shake after a short amount of time, serving as a cue for Amaterasu to jump off before it closes. If Amaterasu is on it when it closes, it will trap her inside, pulse three times, and deal a significant amount of damage to her: this attack goes straight through Godhood without depleting it. After she has jumped off the abdomen, she will then have to open the abdomen again using Vine in order to continue attacking the Bandit Spider.



  • The Bandit Spiders are based on the Mujina of Japanese folklore.
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