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Ah... Amaterasu. Origin of all that is good and mother to us all... Too often, it is easy to forget that which we cannot see. Hidden away, I had lost track of you. But now my soul is at ease. I, Bakugami, god of explosive force, lend my power to your cause. Use the Cherry Bomb to lay waste to foes and obstacles alike!

Bakugami is the Celestial Brush god of the Cherry Bomb Celestial Brush technique. He appears as a boar standing on top of a large bomb. He is usually followed by piglets carrying torches, which are used to light the explosives. His constellation can be found in Shinshu Field.

Cherry BombEdit

Cherry Bomb is a very powerful technique. A spherical bomb with a short fuse is summoned out of thin air by drawing a circle with a line across the upper right-hand part of the circle. A larger circle creates a bomb closer to the camera, and a smaller circle creates a bomb farther away, but the amount of damage the bomb delivers upon detonation remains the same.

Cherry Bombs can be used to damage enemies or open a hole in a cracked wall. There are also a few normal-looking walls that can be destroyed to reveal treasure behind them, and the technique is also necessary to complete the digging minigames.

The bombs explode when they touch a destructible object (including other bombs after upgrades), or when their fuses run out or are directly ignited. Amaterasu is immune to the bomb's effects and can roll them around before they explode. Power Slashing the bombs will destroy them, and using Waterspout on them will douse their fuses. Bombs can also be rolled via Galestorm.

At first, only one cherry bomb can be on screen at a time, however, after certain upgrades, up to 3 bombs can be drawn. The upgrades also increase the power of the individual bombs.


In Ōkamiden, the piglets, who are the children of Bakugami make a return and are the ones who grant Chibiterasu the Cherry Bomb technique. They are the only 'child' Brush Gods who have appeared previously.


  • "Baku"(「爆」?) means "explosion".[1]
  • Bakugami, represents the pig in the East Asia zodiac, through the Japanese zodiac's wild boar. His power is also a play on the Boar's associations in Japan, as the sign is said to bear people who are explosive and dynamic in personality.
  • Instead of giving the power to Amaterasu, he runs off screen, his piglets follows him off screen as well (with torches in mouth), then the piglets lit the cherry bomb that Bakugami was on. The cherry bomb explodes, and the power rolls into Amaterasu. This is the only time a Celestial Brush technique is given in such manner.
    • But during the battle with Yami, the technique is regained in the similar manner as the other Brush techniques.
  • Bakugami has the most children out of the Celstial Brush gods, having four in total.


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