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I know I'm weak and useless. That's why the mist got to me. But no one could be more passionate about work than me! Please, boss! Please let me be your apprentice!

Aspiring Carpenter

The Aspiring Carpenter is the apprentice of Naguri, a carpenter famous throughout Nippon for his skill.



Amaterasu first encountered the Aspiring Carpenter just after the fog had cleared over Sei'an City. The Aspiring Carpenter was dazed and confused, he had no recollection of what had transpired. He was angry with himself for being unable to get to Naguri so that he could help get the water flowing in the canal once more.

Amaterasu ferries the Aspiring Carpenter.

Once Amaterasu and Naguri managed to restore the canal the Aspiring Carpenter was angry with himself for being struck by the mysterious illness and unable to help his boss. Even with the canal restored, the Aspiring Carpenter found himself unable to help his boss as the ferry wasn't running. Amaterasu helped the Aspiring Carpenter by transporting him across the canal on a lilly pad. The Aspiring Carpenter managed to reach Naguri's house thanks to Amaterasu.

When he arrived he requested to be Naguri's apprentice despite already talking about him as though he were his boss. This had clearly been going on for sometime as Naguri was becoming annoyed with the Aspiring Carpenter's persistence. After some annoyance, Naguri eventually agreed to take on the Aspiring Carpenter as his apprentice, promising to work him harder than he could ever imagine.


The Aspiring Carpenter is now Naguri's real and proclaimed pupil (referred to as "Pupil"). He is responsible for building the houses and the complicated constructions by the cliffside of Yakushi Village. Issun is proud of his determination, he also hoped that Naguri may have more people like him and all of their job could be done as quickly as possible[citation needed].



The Aspiring Carpenter dreams of being as great a carpenter as his boss Naguri. He worships Naguri as though he were royalty. The Aspiring Carpenter is extremely passionate about his work, to the point of angering himself when struck with a mysterious illness and unable to go to work.


The Aspiring Carpenter in Ōkamiden.

The Aspiring Carpenter appears to be a young man with a unibrow. He dresses much like Naguri, down to wearing a hat in the shape of a building. While Naguri's hat is a multi-story tower, the Aspiring Carpenter's is a simple, single-story building. He has a shaved head and a large, red nose. His light red jacket is identical to the one worn by Naguri, as are his pants. Like Naguri, he wears a large, rope belt with a Japanese symbol attached.

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