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I always come here to take Inaba for a walk. But there are lots of monsters about, so I've got my lucky charm.

Animal Lover

The Animal lover is a man who has lost his beloved pet rabbit Inaba. He can be found at Ryoshima Coast, near the path that leads to Sei'an City. Inaba is a black and white rabbit who is found in a group of regular looking rabbits near the gate to Sei'an, however the rabbits cannot be found until the Devil gate there is defeated. If Inaba is returned to him he will reward Amaterasu with a Stray Bead.


  • The name Inaba does not only come from the legend White Hare of Inaba, which tells the story of how a hare tricks sharks into being a bridge for him, but also from the producer of Ōkami, Atsushi Inaba (who is also a lover of animals).
  • This side-quest is mainly a test of whether the player is aware of the legend in question, since the Animal Lover never actually states what kind of animal his unique pet is. As a red herring, a domesticated piglet is placed nearby among a group of boar piglets.
  • In the credits of the PlayStation 2 version, Inaba falls out of a bush on screen just as Atsushi Inaba's name appears.
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