Agata Forest (「アガタの森」?; Agata no mori) is a location in Ōkami and Ōkamiden. A lush swampland full of tall trees and many residents, it is available to Amaterasu and Chibiterasu after they learn some new Celestial Brush techniques.


Agata Forest is a lush area full of trees, animals, and a few people. There is a spring called Hitoshio Spring whose water has divine properties. The forest connects to Shinshu Field, Tsuta Ruins, and Taka Pass. In Ōkamiden, the forest connects to two new areas: the demon market and the Five-Story Pagoda, but several areas, like Tsuta Ruins and Taka Pass are blocked by rubble from recent earthquakes[citation needed] and cannot be reached.



Yumigami, the goddess of the moon, took residence in the moon's reflection on the water's surface. However, she was consumed by Whopper, a large red catfish. After being consumed, the moon never shone in Agata Forest, and the waters where Whopper inhabited became murky, naming it "Deep Abyss." Yumigami patiently waited for Amaterasu to revive her.
Agata flooded

Agata Forest flooded by Bullhead.



  • Sleepy the Bear's rolling minigame.

Obtained itemsEdit


Celestial Brush techniquesEdit

Divine InstrumentsEdit

Stray BeadsEdit

  • #12: Inside a treasure chest in Madame Fawn's house.
  • #13: Found in a burning treasure chest outside Madame Fawn's house.
  • #14: Buried in a treasure chest behind Karude's hut.
  • #15: Buried in a treasure chest on the hill next to Tsuta Ruins.
  • #16: On a tree branch located above the islands in the lake (near the cave with the Guardian Sapling); use Vine to reach it.
  • #17: On top of the tree behind Hitoshio Spring; use Vine to reach it, then Power Slash the chest.


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