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Agata Forest (4)
Type Open area
Notable inhabitants Karude
Madame Fawn
Enemies Imps
Dead Fish
Snake Sash
Thunder Ear
Items Crescent
Various treasures and items
Stray bead ×6
Appearances Ōkami
Connecting locations

Shinshu Field
Tsuta Ruins
Taka Pass
Demon market
Five-Story Pagoda

Agata Forest (「アガタの森」?; Agata no mori) is a location in Ōkami and Ōkamiden. A lush swampland full of tall trees and many residents, it is available to Amaterasu and Chibiterasu after they learn some new Celestial Brush techniques.


Agata Forest is a lush area full of trees, animals, and a few people. There is a spring called Hitoshio Spring whose water has divine properties. The forest connects to Shinshu Field, Tsuta Ruins, and Taka Pass. In Ōkamiden, the forest connects to two new areas: the demon market and the Five-Story Pagoda, but several areas, like Tsuta Ruins and Taka Pass are blocked by rubble from recent earthquakes[Citation needed] and cannot be reached.


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  • Sleepy the Bear's rolling minigame.

Obtained items


Celestial Brush techniques

Divine Instruments

Stray Beads

  • #12: Inside a treasure chest in Madame Fawn's house.
  • #13: Found in a burning treasure chest outside Madame Fawn's house.
  • #14: Buried in a treasure chest behind Karude's hut.
  • #15: Buried in a treasure chest on the hill next to Tsuta Ruins.
  • #16: On a tree branch located above the islands in the lake (near the cave with the Guardian Sapling); use Vine to reach it.
  • #17: On top of the tree behind Hitoshio Spring; use Vine to reach it, then Power Slash the chest.