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Listen to this... I've always been fascinated by Capt. Waka. That's why I trained so hard to join the Tao Troopers! I'm still considered a new recruit!


Abe is a member of the Tao Troopers under the command of Waka. He is a character encountered in a sidequest in Sei'an City.


Abe was a Tao Trooper under the command of Waka, who Abe looked up to. Amaterasu and Issun first met Abe in the Tao Trooper base where he begged them to get back his Tao mask, which was stolen by the thief, Hayazo. After racing Hayazo and retrieving all of the items he stole, Amaterasu returned the mask to Abe. In exchange, Abe gave her a Stray Beadand told the pair a secret about Waka that revealed that Waka had been alive for over 200 years.


Abe wears the standard attire of the Tao Troopers. His shirt is an extremely pale shade of purple with bright purple trim and pompoms. His belt is the same pale shade of purple as his shirt, as are his socks. His bright purple pants match the trim of his shirt. Like Waka, Abe wears tall, red "platform" geta with a single tooth, though his aren't quite as tall as Waka's. Atop his head sits a large, black, conical hat with gray trim and two long ribbons that hang down his back. Abe has long black hair, round eyebrows and creases beneath his eyes. At his waist is his gold hilted sword and he carries a large trident. When Amaterasu first met Abe he had lost his mask but resumes wearing it once it has been returned to him.


  • Abe's name may come from the Abe clan, one of the oldest Japanese clans. The Abe clan is thought to be one of the original clans of the Yamato people. Another, less likely, possibility is the shortened version of the English given name Abraham.
  • Given the design of Abe, it is likely that he is named after Abe no Seimei, the most famous of Japan's onmyoji...many tales are attributed to him, especially his feats of magic.
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