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8 Purification Sake
8 sake
The barrel containing the sake.
Type Sake
Source Kushi/Nami
Found Moon Cave (Both present and 100 years ago)
Ark of Yamato
The 8 Purification Sake (「八塩折之酒」?; Yashiori-no-sake) is a special holy type of sake made from spring water from Hitoshio Spring in Agata Forest. It was used by Nagi 100 years ago to intoxicate Orochi to leave it vulnerable to attack. It is the only known substance capable of that. It is usually drunk during the Kamiki Festival which is held every year.


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  • The 8 Purification Sake inexplicably appears in the moat surrounding True Orochi in the rematch against the demon on the Ark of Yamato. The sake's existence on the ark may be based on the ark's ability to simulate the environment of different given circumstances, thanks to Moon Tribe technology.