Ōkamiden's beta was actually not translated in the international versions, and as such, is only included in the Japanese version.

Pre releaseEdit


Ōkamiden has had a demo released in North America, and Japan. In North America, the demo released 2 weeks before the official release, however, in Japan, the demo released 1 year before the game released there. The demo version is very different than the final version, with the notable differences listed here:

  • The battle music is different
  • Kuni's voice is different, along with his voice that he shouts when battling enemies
  • The place in the demo is in the Cave of Nagi, but is completely overhauled in design in the final version
  • Dead trees are brown and detailed, whereas in the final version, it is a generic black silhouette of a tree
  • In the Cave of Nagi, the player fights Bone Clams there, however, they are never fought in the Cave of Nagi in the final version
  • The Celestial Brush screen used when it is pulled out is actually very different, only being the yellow tinted screen and nothing else
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