Final Bandit SpiderEdit

In the north-east corner of Kamui is a frozen lake, at the end is a frozen waterfall. Destroy it by a Cherry Bomb. Move into the tunnel and use Digging Champ to open a hole in the ground, leading to a battle with a Bandit Spider. Amaterasu will be granted a Sun Fragment.

Wali's Record of PenanceEdit

Enter Wali's hut to the north-west and speak with him multiple times until he gives Amaterasu a list of monsters to hunt. She will find the monsters roaming Kamui at night. Defeat the monsters and cross them off the list, then return to Wali for a Gold Dust.

Cherry Bomb 3Edit

Use the Konohana Blossom north of the Guardian Sapling to access a normally inaccessible area. Blast the rock with a Cherry Bomb. Use Cherry Bomb 2 to blast open a Divine Spring. Drop down and offer ¥300,000 and Bakugami will bestow upon Amaterasu the Cherry Bomb 3 Secret Celestial Brush technique.



Look for a passage to the north that leads to a large open snowfield. Speak to the boy wearing an otter mask and he will challenge Amaterasu to make a large snowball. Push the snowball over the various lumps in the snow to augment its size. When she has got the snowball nice and big, bring it back to him for some Praise.

Kamui (Ezofuji)Edit

Sun FragmentEdit

To the north of the lake, there's a series of ledges on which Amaterasu will find a couple of clovers. Keep swinging on the Konohana Blossoms to reach a hidden ledge with a Sun Fragment.

Power Slash 3Edit

Near Tuskle's hut and the entrance to Wawku Shrine is a ledge below the slope. Use the map to help Amaterasu correctly navigate the ledge. It is in the uppermost bend of the slope. Drop down and Power Slash 2 the Iron Rock. Drop into the Divine Spring and offer ¥360,000 and Tachigami will bestow upon Amaterasu the Power Slash 3 Secret Celestial Brush technique.

Inner YoshpetEdit

Buried Sun FragmentEdit

In the third section of Inner Yoshpet, at the part that has two paths, which one leads to the Spirit Gate, follow the wrong one to a dead end and dig up the chest in the end to find a Sun Fragment.

Wawku ShrineEdit

Sun FragmentEdit

After defeating Lechku & Nechku, Amaterasu will be granted a Sun Fragment.

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