Once you have returned to Agata Forest speak with Kokari who has gained the courage to rebuild the broken bridge. To follow Kokari, look for the path to the southwest that leads to Taka Pass. There you find Kokari and trigger a cutscene that shows Susano being washed down the raging river on a log. As the cutscene progresses, Amaterasu gets involved. You will find yourself riding the log down the raging river. Use the Vine brush technique to tie the log to the Konohana blossoms that fly by on the left and right sides of the screen. You can afford to skip by a couple of them, but if you miss too many blossoms you will fail to connect all six points of the log before the ride ends. To make it easier, tap the brush button randomly to briefly pause the action, giving you a better chance to spot blossoms.

When all six hooks of the log are attached to vines, the ride will stop and a bridge will form, spanning the wild waters below. Cross the bridge and continue southwest to reach Taka Pass.

Taka Pass is afflicted with a cursed zone and it's your job to clear it. Follow the path to the left and you will find a large rock blocking a passage. Draw a Cherry Bomb to blow the rock away, letting you down a narrow tunnel that leads to another battle with Waka. This battle is very similar to the fight you had before. Your main concern will be Waka's on projectile attack, a slow moving missile that you can easily jump to avoid. If you use a Rosary as a sub-weapon you will be able to fire projectiles from a safe distance. The projectile shots will not do much damage to Waka, but the enemy will make himself more vulnerable soon enough. Wait for Waka to unleash a sword combo and avoid all of the hits. After the combo ends, Waka will be temporarily stunned. Use this opportunity to quickly deal damage with a Power Slash. Repeat the process until Waka gives in.

After defeating Waka, head up the long, spiraling walkway nearby and continue through a tunnel to reach another outdoor area of Taka Pass. Go north and you should soon see the Guardian Sapling. Rebuild the nearby bridge with Rejuvenation, then use Bloom to revive the Guardian Sapling and restore life to Taka Pass. The rejuvenated Taka Pass is now open for the exploration, and there's plenty to do and check out. The main quest only continues if you head west and then south to reach Kusa Village.
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