The Ōkami Retro Festival is an 8-bit flash game parody of Ōkami set exclusively in Kamiki Village with several clickable main characters from Ōkami in an 8-bit world. It was released in 2006 exclusively on the Capcom website for the PS2 version of Ōkami.

When clicked, the characters will display dialogue along with a similar muffled voice sound made in Ōkami, but much rougher, due to being in 8-bit. At the end (or in some cases, middle) of each character's dialogue, they will provide links for both the icon file of their character and either a song or pictures to be downloaded. The map consists of 30 characters in various places throughout Kamiki Village:

Complete Retro map

Complete map of the Ōkami Retro Festival's Kamiki Village

Who Where
Sakuya On top of the Konohana tree.
Amaterasu with Issun Under the Konohana tree.
Camille and Camellia On the right of the Konohana tree.
Waka On the left of the Konohana tree.
Queen Otohime In the whirlpool near the Konohana tree (hidden until clicked).
Ajimi At the crossroads between the sacred deck and the Konohana tree.
Komuso At the crossroads between the sacred deck and the Konohana tree.
Mr. Orange On the sacred deck.
Mushi's Mama In her turnip field.
Queen Himiko Near the edge of the lake to the left of the village.
Rao Next to Himiko.
Mushi Near the turnip field in the center of the village.
Hayabusa Near Mushi.
Kokari Next to Mushi in the center of the village.
Ume Diagonal from Kokari.
Mrs. Orange Near the dock next to the river.
Kushi Near the tiny rice field and the waterfall.
Susano On the left of his house.
Oki On the right of Susano's house.
Jamba Near the entrance to Kamiki Village.
Underling 1 & 2 (Sparrow Clan) Next to Jamba.
Chun In front of Mushi's family house (hidden until clicked).
Bath attendant (Sparrow Clan) Next to Mr. & Mrs. Orange's house (hidden until clicked).
Kaguya On the island on the right of the map (hidden until clicked).
Sexy Silvia On the small island to the right of the small bridge in Kamiki (hidden until clicked).
Viewtiful Joe On the island near Himiko and Rao (hidden until clicked).
Tobi On the entrance to Kamiki Village right above a rock (hidden until clicked).
Hideki Kamiya Above the green clover at the bottom. Only accessible after all other characters have been clicked.


The Ōkami Retro Festival features an exclusive soundtrack mostly downloadable via the 8-bit characters in the game. All of the songs are 8-bit versions of original Ōkami songs. Only one song, 8-bit Kamiki Village, plays in-game. The full listing of the tracks is below:


The Ōkami Retro Festival provides exclusive image downloads via the 8-bit characters in the game. The full gallery of the images is coming soon.



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