The Ōkami Emonogatari (「大神 絵物語」?; Ōkami Illustrated Tale) are a pair of Japanese-language children's storybooks based on the characters of Ōkami.

Maigo Sagashi to Omatsuri SawagiEdit

The first storybook, Ōkami emonogatari: maigo sagashi to o-matsuri sawagi (「大神 絵物語: まいごさがしとお祭さわぎ」?) was published in 2009 as # ISBN 4862332439 / ISBN 978-4862332431. Its secondary title means "Lost child search and festival mayhem".

In this 36-page story, Amaterasu and Issun search through Nippon to find Camille's younger sister Camellia. They ask other familiar characters for help, including Waka, Sakuya and Ida. Eventually, they find Camellia at a cheerful feast with Waka and some Imps, and bring her back to reunite her with Camille.

Kita no Senshi to Yōkai TaijiEdit

The second storybook, Ōkami emonogatari: kita no senshi to yōkai taiji (「大神絵物語: 北の戦士と妖怪退治」?) was published in March 2010 as ISBN 4862332579 / ISBN 978-4862332578. Its secondary title means "Northern warrior and monster-extermination". This story describes the adventures of Amaterasu and Issun with Oki in Kamui.

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